The Pro Bowl Won’t Be So Fun Anymore

According to ESPN, Tom Brady and Randy Moss have pulled out of the Pro Bowl.  Brady due to the ankle, and Moss for undisclosed reasons.  So much for me enjoying the Pro Bowl…

Update: Sources say Moss is out with an ankle injury, but I think we know why he is really missing Sunday’s game


9 Responses to The Pro Bowl Won’t Be So Fun Anymore

  1. Patriot Killer says:

    Nothing about this team will be fun anymore.

  2. Patriot Killer says:

    Brady is a punk sore loser and Moss is too pigheaded to understand anything

  3. nikemontry says:

    Well when you have a sore loser of a coach you will have sore loser players. Go Giants. hahahahahahaha

  4. norm says:

    what the f? if this is true, which i hope it is not – there is something going on here beyond bruised egos and injury.

  5. norm says:

    and i love the pats – my dad and i went to games thru the foxboro co with an endzone ticket that used to cost $7(!) however, there is no way these guys wouldn’t be playing if the pats didn’t go mental and NOT play zone defense in the red zone in the final seconds – it’s just insane! THAT IS WHY WE LOST PERIOD!

  6. SubmarineSailor says:

    Norm, why did you lose? You only scored 14 points brother. But you’re saying the only reason why you lost is because of the poor defense in the final seconds?

    I’m not so sure about Brady, if he says he’s hurt, then I guess I believe him. It’s funny though, he said he was fine for the SuperBowl. Was he lying?? Wouldn’t surprise me coming from that organization.

    As for Moss, he’s just a sore ass loser. He doesn’t want to look the other players in the face after losing a game. Pathetic.

  7. JLAC says:

    Yeap after all those times of going 9-0 then failing I bet you where feeling it submarine

  8. miiman says:

    I don’t think its becuse Moss is a sore loser, he dosent seem like the kind of guy that would take the glamour off himself. But I could be wrong, we have to bring back the battery charges that happened in Jan.

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