Patriots Draft Prospects: Aqib Talib

I know the draft is over two months away, but I’m a huge draft geek.  That being said, I thought I would take a player-by-player look at prospects that could land themselves in a Patriots uniform.

Aqib Talib, Cornerback, Kansas

6’2″, 195 lbs, Junior, 4.5 CB Rank: 1

Strengths: Probably one of the most physical corners in the draft.  Has the potential to become a shutdown corner.  Has good instincts and is a good playmaker.  Has the size and athleticism to play multiple positions.  Played some receiver for Kansas.  He has good ball awareness along with natural skills.  Has a good vertical, along with decent speed.  His playmaking ability extends to the return game, where he has made some big plays.  Has great potential.

Weaknesses: Sometimes jumps routes too often, getting himself out of position.  Not the best technically sound corner, although that could be worked on. Also, he is not the best tackler.

Role: Whether or not Asante Samuel is with the team next year, the Patriots need another corner.  Not any corner, but a corner who has the potential to be that shut-down guy, who brings a physical attitude to every game.  The more I learn about Talib, the more I think he can be that guy.  Sure, his skills are a little raw, but he has unlimited potential.  As of now, he might be my pick.  If Samuel is gone, Talib could come in and start right away.  If Samuel stays, Talib can develop for a year or two, and then move into a starting role.

What the Experts Say: Chris Steuber,

Another position that’s loaded with draft-eligible prospects is defensive back. One of the best cover corners in the land, Aqib Talib, has helped the fourth-ranked Kansas Jayhawks achieve a surprising 10-0 record. He has great size, standing at 6-foot-2, 205 pounds, and is a lockdown corner with franchise potential. Talib’s skills are reminiscent of Denver Broncos All-Pro corner Champ Bailey. Not only is Talib a tremendous cover corner, but he also is a situational threat on offense. So far this season, Talib has recorded 48 tackles, 3.5 for a loss and four interceptions for the Jayhawks defense, has eight receptions for 182 yards and four touchdowns on offense.


18 Responses to Patriots Draft Prospects: Aqib Talib

  1. rak says:

    good work

  2. miiman says:

    It would be nice the secondary does need work if we can acquire him and keep the rest of our guys we have a shot at 19-0 next year its a shame we have to start all over again.

  3. Greg says:

    Yeah… I just don’t think the team will get to 16-0 again… it seems as if it’s too devastating to get back to that point.

    does anybody think that Talib would be a more legitimate option if the pats moved down to around 15-20?

  4. Rak says:

    Im really hoping that the Pats trade down, because the talent drops after 6 pick.

  5. Greg says:

    Rak: What if Gholston is available at seven? Would he be worth taking?

  6. Blue flu says:

    patriots caught the blu flu sap suckers take yur medicine and go nite nite

  7. Patriot Killer says:

    I’ve brought some Giants fans over here to share some wonderful comments about YOUR beloved Patriots……enjoy!!!!!!…….:)

  8. Blue flu says:

    marsha marsha marsha brady are u feeling any better its going to be a long year cause me and patriots killer are going to be raggin all year

  9. Blue flu says:

    Here’s a story of a lovely lady who got sacked five times on his own they won 18 games until that blu pass rush got to them now they will never be a family just a bunch of losers

  10. Patriot Killer says:

    Me and ole Blu Flu are going to takeover this here blog site….you know what Blu Flu…..I think we’ve accomplished that already son. There’s not a Pats fan in sight and I’m sure they’re trying out for the women’s synchronized swimming team. That’s where all the broken-wrist fairys go when that can’t compete like men in a man’s sport.

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  11. Patriot Killer says:

    Manning scrammbles away from three would be tacklers…steps up and throws a beautiful pass to David Tyree. WHAT A GRAB BY TYREE ……OH MYYYYYY!!!!



  12. Blue flu says:

    Jan and bill the new tag team of the football era a bunch of soar losers 18 -1 never forget this is history baby.

  13. Patriot Killer says:


    THIS TOWN WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!!!…..go celtics???……..LOL

  14. Greg says:

    patriot killer: a post here or there, that’s okay. However, if you continue to do this, I will block your IP address. It’s that simple.

  15. Todd says:



  16. Patriot Killer says:

    Good afternoon gang…..excuse me……wait!….trying to punch the clock so I can get right to work….ahhhhh!!!!…there we go!

    I’m back on my j-o-b and I wanna give a shout out to Tom Tom and Blue Flu for their contributions to this pillow fight. Outstanding gentleman…give yourselves a round of ham…you don;t deserve it guys. GO THUNDERBIRDS!!!…I’m not even a Bird???


    I have a serious question here….what will happen to the plastic bag?
    Does any Bostonians think he should be hanged?

    AND BY the way, I’m gay

  17. loki182 says:

    Patriot Killer,

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    Now go away, leave us alone, Patriot nation has no room for asshole NY’ers input. You want to talk football, you want to debate with class and intellegence? Raise valid points, and dig deep for fun facts to discuss, that’s great…however, you obvisouly have nothing constructive to say here… you said your shit now go, or be banished! You have been warned! Mark my words! of Bad Luck will soon run in your family….

    Oh, and have a nice day, you uneducated retard 🙂

  18. loki182 says:


    What about the concept of trading that draft pick away to free up some cap room? If Samuel doesnt return we need to find a CB to replace him with. The problem with going through the draft is we need to give that player time to develop through the system. We are loaded with talent now, obviously far from rebuilding and if they sign Randy Moss (like they should) they will not have enough for Samuel…Teddy B and Seau will probably be back. Actually I would be shocked if Teddy didn’t come back for at least one more year…he still playing some good ball. We make the right moves now and will will be in the mix for more SB rings for the next 4-5 years.

    So what do you think about the potential to trade out of the draft in order to re-sign a few key veterans?

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