Patriot Killer Silenced

I’ve blocked him from posting comments.  We won’t have to deal with any of his crap anymore.

 What’s that?  You want to say something… sorry.

7 Responses to Patriot Killer Silenced

  1. loki182 says:

    SHIT DISTURBERS like him that have nothing better to do will probably jump onto another terminal with a different IP and continue acting like an ass…..Some of these Giants Fans that are talking about NE fans are even worse…..damn, ive NEVER BEEN SO PROUD to be a New Englander!

  2. rak says:

    thank you!

  3. Greg says:

    No prob, he annoyed me to the point I actually made a post about blocking him

  4. Patriot Eric says:

    I really don’t like you guys censoring people. Let people have their say.

  5. Greg says:

    Patriots Eric: I don’t think my website should have swears and derogitory comments all over. He was posting more than 100 anti-Patriot comments a day. I’m not going to let him flood my website with that crap.

  6. loki182 says:

    Patriot Eric,

    I agree with Eric. There is having your say, and just being an irate jerk. Noone has knocked any Giant fans until provoked. I personally congratulated the Giants many times. However, when things get abusive and offensive thats different. If a Giant fan has something of value to say, it is not neglected or unaccepted here. Not to speak for Greg, but I know I don’t have a problem with other football fans and their views on the SB and the sport in general. There is a huge difference between discussing sports, the game no matter what team you follow, but when idiots are posting thousands of 18*-1…hahahahahaha….you suck….beli-cheat..blah blah blah….there is just no need for such nonsense. Just look at Raiders4life, and his posts, he is not just a Raiders fan, but a FOOTBALL fan. There is value there, substance. He loves the game and has lots of very good points. He can express himself in an intellegent manner. His posts are excellent and they are based on ‘football’ not 18-1….blah blah blah….

    In the case of Patriot Killer, he was just being an idiot…and many of us are glad Greg blocked him!

  7. loki182 says:

    Sorry…i meant I agree with Greg….typo!

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