Patriots Draft Prospects: Leodis McKelvin

Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy

5’11”, 188lbs CB Rank: 2

Strengths: Overall, he is just a very technically sound conerback.  He has good speed, and is a natural athlete.  He is also a playmaker, and can return kicks.  Solid tackler for a cornerback.  After a strong Senior Bowl, he is flying up the draft boards.  Has the potential to be a star corner.

Weaknesses:  Not very physical, he’s not the type of guy that will bump a guy a lot in the first five yards.  He’s a playmaker, and sometimes that hurts him, as he can make breaks for the ball and miss.

Role: McKelvin isn’t my favorite of the 2008 cornerbacks, as I believe the Patriots need a really physical cornerback, one who can manhandle receivers at the line.  McKelvin will sort of be a mirror image of Ellis Hobbs.  However, he is definately a potential option, especially if Asante Samuel leaves (whereas Talib has some abilities that Samuel doesn’t).  Nonetheless, McKelvin has a lot of natural talent, and is a big time playmaker.  And if Samuel leaves, he can be a big time player in the future.

What the Experts Say: Tommy Hicks, Press-Register

The dual threat not only has proven himself at the cornerback position — where his speed and quickness are a great asset — but also is one of the country’s top punt and kickoff returners. He was named first-team All-America as a punt returner by The Sporting News.



6 Responses to Patriots Draft Prospects: Leodis McKelvin

  1. Rak says:

    I would be dissaponted if we take him at 7

  2. Greg says:

    So would I. If we take a corner, I want Talib, or possibly Mike Jenkins. The consensus pick would have been Malcolm Jenkins, but things never work out the way you want them to.

  3. foxpats says:

    Looks good., very quick, long stride, However..,wouldn’t use 7th on him.

  4. matt says:

    Agreed. If the pats were to draft a cornerback it should be mike jenkins. He’s strong and physical and can match up to bigger guys. We don’t need two hobbs.

  5. Doug says:

    You can’t look at him as just a corner. He is an elite punt returner and could make a David Hester like impact at the next level. He also proved he can shut down top recievers like Bowen(osu) Calvin Johnson(GT) as well as others. He also is an excellent man coverage guy and a great tackler in the run game.

  6. MoJo Rider says:

    Take whomever you like with your 2ND ROUND Pick Cheaters! In the end, you’ll lose cause you’re all nothing but a bunch of Stinkin’ LOSERS!

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