Salary Cap Space, Who Will the Sacrafices Be?

Thanks to Mike Reiss on this one:

The salary cap status of teams is fluid, as one player transaction can change things in an instant.

But as of today, when accounting for the top 51 Patriots players under contract for 2008, the Patriots have $8.365 million in space under the $116 million cap.

That currently ranks 25th out of the league’s 32 teams.

So while the Patriots will have space to make personnel moves — and will likely create additional space with a few player moves — the upcoming offseason doesn’t appear as if it will resemble what happened last year when the team had an abundance of room and jumped out of the gate early to sign Adalius Thomas.

 So, not too great a number.  The Patriots will likely want to bring that number up.  How will they do that?  Make some cuts.  In the last few years, notable names who have been salary cap sacrifices include Lawyer Milloy and Willie McGinest.  Who could it be this year?

Rosevelt Colvin.  His 2008 salary hit will be second highest on the team.  And although Rosy may deserve that kind of money, I’m not sure if he will get it.  However, that doesn’t mean he will leave the team.  If the Patriots did release him, they would most likely try to restructure a new deal.

Also, don’t expect the team to hang on to Donte Stallworth.  They will most likely decline his option, and they may or may not try to restructure his deal.  But the big question mark here is Chad Jackson.  Is he ready to step up and be the receiver we’ve hoped he will become?  Year three will be a big year for Chad, especially if Stallworth is released.

The last salary cap sacrifice may be Kelley Washington.  His total cap hit will be near $2 million, and although he played well on special teams, $2 million is too much for a special teams player.


26 Responses to Salary Cap Space, Who Will the Sacrafices Be?

  1. Tom Brady's Bastard Child says:

    just a reminder – 2008 patriots = biggest choke in NFL history.


  2. Miiman says:

    Yeah Kelly Washington and Dante Stallworth I’d love to keep em all though

  3. loki182 says:

    Gaffney was much more of a force down the strech. He caught some key passes in the endzone and if they sign Moss, and have him with Welker, and Watson….anyone else can be plugged into their system and do fine. I was not impressed with Washington or Stallworth this year. Dante is good but not great and he was not a huge factor in their record breaking season.

    As for that ASSCLOWN.. TBBChild

    The Pats didnt choke, they lost a hard fought battle and that went down to the final minutes of the game..




  4. PlayMaker says:

    Stallworth is gone. There’s not even a slight possibility he’ll be back (I don’t think).

    I’m really hoping Colvin stays. They need to pay this man. You could actually see the defense decline when he went down this year.

    As for the 2008 Patriots – they’ve yet to take a snap yet so it’s pretty difficult to be the biggest choke in all of sports.

  5. loki182 says:

    Hey Playmaker,

    I disagree. I think Colvin is AWESOME! However, the defense did their job down the strech. Actually even the offense did their part, they just were not beating teams by 30 points. The O declined their play in the playoffs. I really thought the defense played great without Colvin.

    Yes, Stallworth is gone, and they don’t really need him. History shows that Brady has had subpar receivers in all his Super Bowl Wins, even Branch is at a level below Welker and Moss.

    Also, yes that would be hard for the 2008 Pats, but remember, the Giants fans lack that think called…hmmm….a brain….they are all about as smart as our president….and they are very sore winners and they know in the back of their minds that the best team lost in this case.

  6. loki182 says:


  7. PlayMaker says:

    I agree the Defense played well but I really think Colvin could have been the difference in the Super Bowl. Colvin is a huge part of the pass rush and you could just see that decline a bit once he went down.

    I’m not taking anything away from the other guys though. They played their hearts out.

  8. loki182 says:

    I hear ya for sure….any time you lose a big gun like Colvin, it will hurt the team for sure…

    I’m also begining to think this SB loss is bigger than we know…in such a way that the NFL made them throw the game…think about it….4th 13, 35 sec/ 3to’s and they hail mary it? howbout all the dropped INT’s….? or the fact that they scored 38 points on this team in week17 and all of a sudden they looked like the 85 bears…this defense wasnt even the best in the NFC let alone the league….lots of speculation…and answers we will never get….but do you follow me?

  9. PlayMaker says:

    Not really… there is no way… NO WAY the Patriots threw this game. The Giants came to play and the Pats picked the worst time to have their poorest game of the season.

    Although I don’t agree with the decision on 4th and 13, if Brady had more time he would have noticed a WIDE OPEN Welker or Moss in one on one coverage. As it were, the pass rush got to him and he never even got a chance to look at that side of the field. So the options he had were Watson and Gaffney – both being double covered.

  10. Greg says:

    Yeah, the Patriots didn’t throw the game.

    They lost. It’s that simple, as crappy as it is.

  11. loki182 says:

    I hear ya…..I don’t think that’s what happened 100% either…I was just raising the question seeing they played this exact same team and scored 38 points on them, and in the SB Brady was on the run every single play…it was like the Offensive line kept falling down on purpose…it was not just one bad coaching call, but many….things just didn’t add up….perhaps I’m reaching, but I really think whether that actually happened or not, there is something going on that we don’t know about….the rabbit hole is deeper than we think…Something was off from the opening coin toss….I knew it was bad from the start….I actually called my buddy up and told him…they would lose…hey told me to relax that the game didn’t even start yet….and I’m searching for answers because I didn’t even have that feeling when they lost to GB in 1996…..

  12. PlayMaker says:

    You’re really over-thinking this. I understand why you would do that but there is no rabbit hole. There is no conspiracy. There was no throwing of the game. The Giants came out hungry. The Giants’ D-Line out-played the Pats’ O-Line. Other things happened in this game but if you want to know why the Pats lost that’s a big reason why.

    I don’t think Matt Light was throwing the Pro Bowl either and he continued to get schooled by Umenyiora.

  13. 26>7 says:


  14. 26>7 says:


  15. Tom Brady's Bastard Child says:


    you might just be the dumbest person alive. pats threw the game? way to go moron. keep those gems coming.

    here’s another one…
    “The Pats didnt choke, they lost a hard fought battle and that went down to the final minutes of the game..…BUT JUST A REMINDER 2004 YANKEES – BIGGEST CHOKE IN ALL OF SPORTS!!!! UP 3-0….COULDNT CLOSE THE DEAL AGAINST THE INFERIOR RED SOX?”

    that too is wrong (and i despise the yankees) – it’s, all about the context. 2004 yankees are major choke artists, but they weren’t trying to make history and there’s no clock in baseball. yankees weren’t 2 and a half minutes from being immortalized as the best team ever only to let it all slip away.

    but the patriots did….


  16. Tom Brady's Bastard Child says:


    please excuse me. “2007-2008 patriots = biggest choke ever”

    feel better?

  17. loki182 says:

    hey bastard,

    if im so dumb…we can either play some chess or both take iq tests and see who is smarter…im sure, you wont even be close….

    but if you cant handle the mental competition…i’d love to meet up with your sorry ass and beat the living tar out of you! My size 16 shoe will feel real good on your ugly face when im kicking your teeth out and there a is a bloody mess all over the street!

  18. Tom Brady's Bastard Child says:

    you’re a real tough guy there, loki. I guess I made a mistake calling you out on your idiocy – because i’m pretty scared right now. what a Douchebag. who the hell threatens to fight someone over the internet? what are you, 10?

    you’re a moron. a complete moron. now grow a pair and deal with that sad fact.

  19. loki182 says:

    Hey Bastard!

    At least I’m not going to blog sites of teams I am not a fan of and acting like an ass!
    You are acting like you are 6, therefore, I’m still better than you!

    You call me a moron, but not knowing me, you cannot back that up either….Yet you come out here to make ‘choke’ comments because you HAVE NO LIFE! Nothing more productive to do…Yet I come here to discuss the Pats with fellow fans….

    Calling me a moron for even attempting to challenge you makes you the IDIOT who cannot back up your mouth! So anytime, any place, in any realm, any challenge you have….I accept! Whether it would be a chess match, a debate, or a showdown, UFC style….Put your $$$$ were your BIG MOUTH is, you good for nothing waste of oxygen!! YOU ARE A DIRTY RAT!

  20. loki182 says:

    I think Brady’s Bastard Child will be the next sacrifice on my alter….nothing but an ignorant sheep following the heard…just a waste of resources, a waste of space and air!

    So my vote for the next sacrifice is this shit disturber….Let’s sacrifice his worthless soul!

  21. bneta says:

    hey tbbchild your a complete idiot thinking the patriots loseing the super bowl in the final 2 min was a bigger choke then the yankees. Firstly the giants had 2 min and three timouts, giants fans were scarred when brady had 35 seconds and three timeouts. two minutes is plenty time to get down the field. All the yankees had to do was win won more game of the final 4 and they are in the world series now that is a choke. Next the only reason that Eli was able to make that pass was the whole defensive line was getting penalized and the refs didnt call anything. they were looking rite at them and didnt even call the facemask or the hold that was going on when it was clear that it was occuring. Don’t believe me go to “”. O by the way i hope u New York fans enjoy your first win in any sport, ANY SPORT in 8 years. I have had 5 wins in that time.

  22. bneta says:

    o by the way who cares the yankees werent tryin to make history you dont lose to a rival team in the playoffs, especially lik that if ur going to talk at least know what your talking bout. Also the yankees did make history even though they didnt try to. And listen When Eli has accomplished half of what Tom Brady has then you can talk he won one superbowl and an MVP award he didnt diserve. Also this will probably be the last time the Giants win for a while they got hot at the right time, Eli has not shown any promise to stay the QB he was during the playoffs for a long time. So Giants enjoy your 18 year wait for your next superbowl ill be watchin otha Boston teams win.

  23. Johnny B says:

    I do think the Patriots loss was the biggest in sports history, if only because they were trying to accomplish perfection, it was in a championship game, and the most watched game in sports history, so the spotlight was really on them. While I agree the Yankees 2004 ALCS loss was also a colossal choke, one must remember that the Red Sox were only the 3rd team to accomplish the feat of coming back from 0-3 and one other team actually did it in a finals series, while Boston was only playing in what was effectively the semifinal round. Also, the Yankees and Red Sox were pretty evenly matched and both quality teams, while the Giants were clearly an inferior team to the Patriots.
    I also think the Pats loss was magnified by the fact that they were the highest scoring team in NFL history, yet scored only 14 points and also that they are the only Super Bowl loser to lose to a team which had a record at least 5 game worse than theirs (actually, the differential between the Pats and Giants was SIX games). One more thing – the Patriots had been 80-2 when entering the 4th quarter with a lead since 2001, while no other NFL team had lost as few as FIVE games over that timespan. And the Pats had two different 4th quarter leads in the Super Bowl, but couldn’t close it out.

  24. Go pats says:

    This could have been a VERY diffrent game, if the Patriots line had come to play we would be talking about the super bowl champion New England Patriots right now, it could have been a big blow out.

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