Gone Fishing: Patriots to Host Marty Booker for Visit, May Look at Others

One day after hosting former Dolphin Zach Thomas for a team visit, the Patriots will host another, wide receiver Marty Booker, according to team sources.

Booker, who turns 32 this year, caught fifty passes last year with the Dolphins.  If signed, Booker would likely take on the role as fourth or fifth receiver (depends on Chad Jackson’s development, and the decisions with Donte Stallworth and Kelley Washington).

This announcement led me to think about any other fish we could reel in.  Two days ago, the Dolphins released nine players, including Keith Traylor and tackle L.J. Shelton. 

The Tractor helped us win a Super Bowl in 2004, and I think he could help us win another in 2008.  Yes, I understand he’s 38, and will turn 39 in September.  However, age didn’t slow him down last year, as he finished with 44 tackles.  I think that Traylor could be a valuable backup to Vince Wilfork, as he would be able to clog the A-gaps with his size and strength in a much more limited role than in 2004.  On a more random note, the Patriots could also consider re-acquiring nose tackle Ted Washington.  This however, would be more of a risk, as Washinton was injured most of last year.

The other ex-Fin to look at is L.J. Shelton.  Shelton has been a bit of a let down, but I believe he could be an upgrade over Nick Kazcur.  Shelton started every game last year, and is very strong player.

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