Goodbye, Asante

I came across this in the Herald:

Word from the combine last night was that Samuel is looking for a 10-year, $100 million deal with $30 million guaranteed up front. That would be more than the megacontract corner Nate Clements (eight years, $80 million with $22 million up front) struck with the 49ers last year.

It was nice having him.  But Asante’s days with the Patriots are done.  Over.  Finite.

It is clear that Asante only want one thing: $$$.  He wants one of the richest contracts of all time, and you know what, he’s not that good.  This is rediculous.

Asante has good ball skills.  He is athletic, he can stay with receivers down field, and he has good instincts; he can make breaks on the ball very well.

However, he is by no means a physical, shut down corner.  He’s no Ty Law, he’s no Champ Bailey.  If he was asking for a deal in the $7-$8 million range, maybe, but ten years, at $10 mil per, come on.

 Asante is good, but he isn’t worth anything near what he is asking.

Good luck with your career, Asante.-


One Response to Goodbye, Asante

  1. Ernie says:

    I agree. Asante is a good corner, but he is not worth that kind of money. He was never of the caliber CB that Ty Law was in his prime, except maybe in his own mind 😛

    See ya Asante.

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