Faulk Passes Drug Test

Just after being caught with a small amount of marijuana at a Lil’ Wayne concert, Patriots running back has submitted to drug testing, and passed, according to the Daily Advertiser:

Carencro native Kevin Faulk of the New England Patriots has been cleared of any illegal drug use after the results of a controlled substance test were revealed today.Faulk was issued a misdemeanor summons in Lafayette last Friday for possession of marijuana while attending a Lil’ Wayne concert at the Cajundome.

Faulk told The Daily Advertiser today that the marijuana wasn’t his and neither was the jacket he was wearing that contained the illegal substance.

Faulk said he was upfront with Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick and the organization from the beginning and immediately submitted to a drug test that he took on Monday.As a result of the negative drug test, Faulk will not have to enter the NFL’s policy and program for substances of abuse.

This is good news.  Hopefully we don’t have to hear about this anymore.  For our sake, the Patriots sake, and Kevin’s sake.

2 Responses to Faulk Passes Drug Test

  1. Falking Cheater says:

    Liar! Who administered the test? Bellecheat?

    If it walks like a joint, talks like a joint, smells like a joint, and gives off a cloud of smoke like a joint – IT’S A FUCKING JOINT!!!! Idiots! ….another New Cheatin’ England Liar manipulation of the Facts! Wake up and smell the marijuana LOSERS!

  2. Go pats says:

    oh thank god

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