Moss is a Patriot

Randy Moss is still a New England Patriot.  Earlier this afternoon, the two sides agreed on a three year, $27 million contract, with at least $12 million guaranteed.  Moss was offered more money by Philadelphia, but chose to remain with the Patriots.  According to Moss, he wants to “finish what we started.”  More to come tomorrow. 


8 Responses to Moss is a Patriot

  1. […] Greg wrote a fantastic post today on “Moss is a Patriot”Here’s ONLY a quick extract… a New England Patriot. Earlier this afternoon, the two sides agreed on a three year, $27 million contract, with at least $12 million guaranteed. Moss was offered more money by Philadelphia, but chose to remain with the Patriots. … […]

  2. loki182 says:

    YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow Just Wow says:

    I can not believe I just skimmed through all of this. You guys are ridiculous. Yes the Pats lost quite possibly one of the biggest upsets of Super Bowl history, and believe me it still hurts. But more importantly, we have three rings on our fingers, two more if you include the sox this millenium. And I love how everyone is all over Eli Manning when in November you all were calling for him to be traded or replaced. Typical New York style mentality, if you are winning, you love the team and hate everyone else, if you are losing, you hate your team and hate everyone else. I bet none of you are standing by your Knicks now that theyve hit bottom, when all of us in New England stood by the Celtics through all their problems, and now we can relish in having beaten you guys by 45. So either way, its good to have Moss back, and maybe we are heading for another championship, but I can promise that there is no way in hell that Eli doesnt get sacked or picked off in the same position next year. So his repeat possibility is zero. Kawika is gone, and so is your D, I hope you didnt forget what losing is like, because its going to be a long season for you,

  4. Erik in az says:

    Ok, I hate all the people that come on here just to talk a bunch on meaningless crap. I really didn’t care at first, i would be pissed too if people assumed i would loose and rub it in their face if i won, but really how are? I read blogs to learn about my teams. I read about 10 blogs a day, checking constantly, just to keep up as I got to school in AZ and love Boston sports. Well, i am growing tired of the crap being said on this site. I see none of this on other blogs. Most people have a respect for what the blogs are about. If you want to talk trash, go t a chat or something. But please, just let us get the news w/o telling us how you feel about us.

  5. loki182 says:


    I agree with you 100%. I did NOT COME HERE to start wars. I came here to discuss the Patriots. Time and time again, I would be replied to from these people. This is why I got so upset and started to fire back as I did not at first. I came here after the SB because I wanted to, in a sense, grieve with my fellow fans. Not to be insulted by others simply for being a Pats fan and a resident of New England. Mojo hates us, probably because we have owned the Steelers since Parcels got here. However, I don’t go to other sites and start arguments. I only care about what NE teams are doing. I don’t need conflict either…however, MoJo was trash talking with others as well as me. Signing in other multiple names with the same ‘No Soup for You’ jargon. 18-1*, Bill Belicheat….

    He made his point, he doesnt like us or the Pats. He could have just stated that once and there would have been no issues…but No…..everytime I would try to make a point or express an opinion, such as the Randy Moss signing, I got nothing but a bunch of BS from him with his mulitple aliases and others just like him…how cool is that?

    …when indeed I was hoping to see many comments that share the excitement of having this guy {Moss} around for the next 3 years.

    I was so RELIEVED when they finally came to terms, and now, every Sunday is going to be something Patriot Nation can look forward to. To be able to be part of a great team is wonderful, and it is a pleasure to see Moss and Brady for 3 more years.

    I am stoked!

  6. loki182 says:

    Wow Just Wow!

    How awesome was that last night????

    90-78….we are the first team to qualify for the Playoffs….and up in the conference by over 5 games in the loss column tells me that it will be very hard for Detroit to win the number 1 seed. We are certainly in a dynasty here in NE….but with all our teams…the Sox will make the playoffs again. They look even better than last year. With their young guns coming up from Pawtucket, it will be very exciting…Im also looking forward to a better year from DiceK.

    The Pats are keeping their Offense together and Billy B is a defensive superpower. He will get the D set up for yet another run. 5 Rings since 2001…..not bad and with more to come, maybe as soon as June when the C’s go to the finals!!! 🙂

  7. loki182 says:

    Bird may not be walking through the door (per Pitino), That’s okay, we got Kevin, Paul, and Ray! It’s been a tough 20 years….but its time to put Championship Number 17 up hanging from the rafters of the Gah-daN!!!

  8. Steelermamania says:

    In a game that lasted but an hour, for the Patriots it all came out sour. Eli’s game gave him great fame, while Brady’s left him in quite a shame. The big bad Giants gave em a solid pound, which left the Pats with their heads to the ground. The Patriots thought they’d leave with the ring, but instead ended up with quite a sting. Everyone in NY began to cheer, as the New Englanders said Wow our guys are queer. They thought they were going to be 19-0, but instead they got fucked like a hoe. It was a game where in the end Mik said WOW, just as the Pats threw in the towel. On the winning podium the Giants stand, which caused oat fans to bury their heads in the sand. Love Mik

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