Patriots Notes: 3/3/08

Gay Signs With Saints

Cornerback Randall Gay is now an ex-Patriot.  Yesterday, he agreed to a four year contract with the New Orleans Saints.  Although it would have been nice to keep him (and Randall used to be one of my favorite players), he won’t be too hard to replace.  Gay is quick, and makes good breaks, but he is really nothing but a fringe starter / nickelback.

Donte Stallworth Signs with Browns

Ex-Patriots receiver Donte Stallworth has agreed to a SEVEN year deal with the Cleveland Browns.  This comes less than a week after the Patriots declined to pick up his huge option, making him a free agent.

Patriots not in the Mix for Sheppard

After Samuel signed with the Eagles, there was a lot of speculation if the Patriots would go after Eagles’ cornerback Lito Sheppard (who was disgruntled after being forced out of the starting lineup by Samuel, as well as contract issues).   However, according to sources, the Patriots haven’t showed preliminary trade interest towards Sheppard.

10 Responses to Patriots Notes: 3/3/08

  1. […] Greg wrote a fantastic post today on “Patriots Notes: 3/3/08″Here’s ONLY a quick extractYesterday, he agreed to a four year contract with the New Orleans Saints. Although it would have been nice to keep him (and Randall used to be one of my favorite players), he won’t be too hard to replace. Gay is quick, and makes good … […]

  2. I hate 'em says:

    Look – let’s make this simple. If you play for the Pats you’re a LOSER. Ir the Patriots acquire you – you are instantly tagged a LOSER. If the Pats trade you, you’re instantly a WINNER. Get IT? New Cheatin’ England Stinks!

  3. Patriots STINK says:

    Hey – if you thought Gay was gay – it’s only because he played for a very “Gay” team. Stinkin’ Cheatin’ Losers. 18 and WHAT? Now that Gay no longer ‘plays’ for the Gay Patriots, he’s no longer gay! Go Figure! Imagine that!

  4. MoJo Rider says:

    Here’s a ‘note’ for all the CryBaby Patriot Fans hiding underneath their cockroach lairs well beneath the Rocks —– you Stink and you Cheat! You have NO IDEA how much I thoroughly enjoyed watching you guys CHOKE! 6th Best Super Bowl EVER!

    No Soup for YOU!!!!! Stick THAT in your Pipe and Smoke it!

  5. loki182 says:

    You jackasses are the LOSERS! What’s wrong? Have nothing BETTER to do with your time, than to come to a Pat’s site and make asses out of yourself? GO F**K YOURSELF, PLAY IN TRAFFIC, AND MAKE SURE YOU GET HIT AND YOU DIE!!!


  6. john says:

    All the hate stems from ONE THING and that is JEALOUSY!!! Because the rest of you envy what the Pats do both on and off the field. That Logo is the Symbol Of Excellence!

  7. loki182 says:


    Think about it….when our teams do beat another, how many of us go to other blog sites for other teams and act like asses? I never have….why? It’s for MORONS with no life….All of the country is wishing they were NE/Boston fans….and yes we are in a regional dynasty…..2 WS rings, 3 SB rings in 6 years, we have the best team in the NBA with a shot to win that championship, and you know the Sox and Pats are structured to be serious contenders for YEARS….at least the next 3-5 years we will have very very strong clubs…and now we have Moss, it is going to be SO MUCH FUN to watch how Billy B retools the defense, and how this new duo in Brady and Moss make more historic runs….Make no mistake about it…SB or no SB, that was the most incredible offense in the history of the game…it was so fun to watch…and now we get treated to THREE MORE YEARS!!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!! annnnnnnnnnnddddddddddd.,….

    With a very weak schedule the Pats probably won’t do any worse than 13-3…Perhaps another 16-0? Although I hope they throw one game on purpose to rid the pressure and clobber whomever they face in the SB….The Pats always respond with a chip on their shoulder…now they have a HUGE CHIP and in the words of MOSS…We have unfinished business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO PATS, GO SOX, GO C’s!!!!!!

  8. John says:

    Want to talk about tough. Im a HUGE PATS fan and I Live in NEW YORK. I have had it rough since the SB. But its all good because I know we will be back but the Giants that was it they blew their load. I know this because they have a manning under center and they are only good for one SB win a lifetime.

    I too am excited to see what Coach does with this Def, that is my only concern and worry right now but I know He will pull some magic out of his hat. Him and Pioli will find that diamond out there.

    GO PATS!!!!!

  9. loki182 says:


    I hear ya! I was a Giants fan growing up…back in the Simms, Morris, Bavaro, Jim Burt days….my childhood team def came back to bite me in the end….I was converted when Parcels came over and drafted Drew…

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the D. Look at years past and what Bill has done…When we lost Malloy and Law. Year after year we have created a great defense via the draft. Billy B knows how to scout talent. We still have some great vets in the lineup…Seymour, Harrison, Teddy B, Merriwhether, Wilfork, Vrabel. He will will the gaps in the draft, as of right now we have the 7th pick overall.

    With the near identical historic offense in place, along with having Morris this time around in the backfield, they don’t need a defense that allows 3 pts a game….I’m very excited to watch this play out…and with a very weak schedule next season, it wouldnt suprise me if they go 19-0….however, my prediction is a SB win after a very good 14-2 season….

  10. John says:

    Hey MOJO,


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