Patriots Resign Jabar Gaffney

The Patriots have made another big move, resigning free agent wide receiver Jabar Gaffney.  The deal is one year, and worth two million.  Gaffney said he wanted something longer, and thinks that a new deal will happen.

I cannot stress how big of a move this is.  Last pre-season, I said that Gaffney might surpass Stallworth on the depth chart, and he did.  Gaffney played phenominal in his given oppurtunities last year.  With Stallworth out of the way, Gaffney should see even more playing time.  I’d expect him to have between 50 and 70 catches next year, with 750-1000 yards.  Even if Chad Jackson steps up the way we hope, Gaffney will still have a big role on this team, as he is versatile enough to play in the slot or on the outside.

22 Responses to Patriots Resign Jabar Gaffney

  1. loki182 says:


    So the HISTORIC offense is in tact!!!


    I don’t expect them to be as potent as last year, but does it matter if you score 41 PPG or 35? This is going to be so much fun to watch again….and I can’t wait to see how Billy B works the draft. We have a huge chunk of our D returning, perhaps Seau will see the light and give it a go one more time…..with a weak schedule, my prediction is 13-3 at worst!!!!

  2. loki182 says:

    Hey Greg,

    This is EXACTLY what I mean…and you know via IP this is the same dirty rat, who was too chicken to continue are argument off the record and off your site…! It’s one thing to make a comment and another to have to deal with this on a Pats fan site. So my quesiton is, why is this low life not being dealt with and blocked so we don’t have to listen to his FICTION and BS any longer. Not to mention “had more than 2″ hanging between their legs – ” another VULGAR comment!

  3. loki182 says:




  4. Either Way says:

    Pretty sad when the New York Yankees are now viewed as being less obnoxious than the arrogant New England Patriots….

    The great Bambino is confused……

  5. PAtsFan says:

    19-0! Because we’re smarter than everybody. Its not arrogant if its true! (Notice I didn’t say better looking :)!)

  6. Lask says:

    Jabar! very happy about this. Now we need some young LB’s

  7. loki182 says:


    What do you think about the draft? Obviously we don’t need much help on offense…but I’m wondering which way Belichick will go…more towards the secondary or if he will try to get some more talent for the pass rush. He did release Colvin, yet I was hoping for a restructured contract…I haven’t heard anything as of yet that he will be in a Pat’s jersey next year. This is a bummer, because I really liked Colvin!!!!!

  8. Mr. Steeler says:

    New England owns No One and especially not Pittsburgh! We have 5 Super Bowls (and we didn’t cheat for any of them). New England has 3 (and they cheated for all of theirs). With regard to the games that New England won against Pittsburgh recently, is it really a win if you have to cheat? Besides, Big Ben could whip Tommy Sissy Boy in a backyard brawl or alley fight any day of the year – he makes more money – and he’s a better quarterback too! I’m obviously not allowing any credit for the three Super Bowls Tom and Bill cheated in….. ex. — like the obvious cheating that occurred when they played the Rams — Truth hurts!

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. John says:

    Any rumors floating around out there about our holes at safety, CB, what we are t hinking about doing in the draft? Its been a very quiet offseason so far in Patriot Land.
    Its making me a little nervous.

  11. Go pats says:

    We need this badly, my buddy Brian says we sould get rid of Moss and keep all the other people what is you view on this? I think keeping Moss is a good idea but we still need to keep some other people.

  12. Pats 2008 says:

    Keeping Moss is more than good…..even if he gets one catch in a game, he can free up everyone else when they double and triple team him. As for the defense, Billy B will rebuild it just fine through the draft…We always draft strong, this year will be no different!!!! Get pumped!

  13. Go pats says:

    I hope so

  14. Pats 2008 says:

    Draft since 2001…hope this makes you feel better “Go Pats”

    2001 New England Patriots Draft Selections Round Overall Player Position College
    1 6 Richard Seymour Defensive tackle Georgia
    2[1] 48 Matt Light Offensive tackle Purdue
    3[2] 86 Brock Williams Cornerback Notre Dame
    4[3] 96 Kenyatta Jones Offensive tackle South Florida
    4[4] 119 Jabari Holloway Tight end Notre Dame
    5 163 Hakim Akbar Safety Washington
    6[5] 180 Arther Love Tight end South Carolina State
    6 200 Leonard Myers Cornerback Miami (FL)
    7[6] 216 Owen Pochman Kicker BYU
    7 239 T. J. Turner Linebacker Michigan State

    2002 New England Patriots Draft Selections Round Overall Player Position College
    1[2] 21 Daniel Graham Tight end Colorado
    2 65 Deion Branch Wide receiver Louisville
    4[3] 117 Rohan Davey Quarterback LSU
    4[4] 126 Jarvis Green Defensive end LSU
    7[5] 237 Antwoine Womack Running back Virginia
    7 253 David Givens Wide receiver Notre Dame

    2003 New England Patriots Draft Selections Round Overall Player Position College
    1[2] 13 Ty Warren Defensive tackle Texas A&M
    2[3] 36 Eugene Wilson Cornerback Illinois
    2[4] 45 Bethel Johnson Wide receiver Texas A&M
    4[5] 117 Dan Klecko Defensive tackle Temple
    4[6] 120 Asante Samuel Cornerback Central Florida
    5[7] 164 Dan Koppen Center Boston College
    6[8] 201 Kliff Kingsbury Quarterback Texas Tech
    7 234 Spencer Nead Tight end BYU
    7[9] 239 Tully Banta-Cain Linebacker California
    7[10] 243 Ethan Kelley Defensive tackle Baylor

    2004 New England Patriots Draft Selections Round Overall Player Position College
    1[1] 21 Vince Wilfork Defensive tackle Miami (FL)
    1 32 Benjamin Watson Tight end Georgia
    2 63 Marquise Hill Defensive end LSU
    3 95 Guss Scott Safety Florida
    4[2] 128 Dexter Reid Safety North Carolina
    4 128 Cedric Cobbs Running back Arkansas
    5 164 P. K. Sam Wide receiver Florida State
    7 233 Christian Morton Cornerback Florida State

    2005 New England Patriots Draft Selections Round Overall Player Position College
    1 32 Logan Mankins Offensive guard Fresno State
    3[29] 84 Ellis Hobbs Cornerback Iowa State
    3 100 Nick Kaczur Offensive tackle Toledo
    4 133 James Sanders Safety Fresno State
    5 170 Ryan Claridge Linebacker UNLV
    7[30] 230 Matt Cassel Quarterback Southern California
    7 255 Andy Stokes Tight end William Penn

    2006 New England Patriots Draft Selections Round Overall Player Position College
    1 21 Laurence Maroney Running back Minnesota
    2[44] 36 Chad Jackson Wide receiver Florida
    3 86 David Thomas Tight end Texas
    4[45] 106 Garrett Mills Tight end Tulsa
    4 118 Stephen Gostkowski Kicker Memphis
    5[46] 136 Ryan O’Callaghan Offensive tackle California
    6 191 Jeremy Mincey Defensive end Florida
    6 205 Dan Stevenson Offensive guard Notre Dame
    6 206 Le Kevin Smith Defensive tackle Nebraska
    7 229 Willie Andrews Defensive back Baylor

  15. Mike says:

    Hello!! (Sory about my englis(j am Patriots fan from Serbia)) P.S Why we simply dont trade D.Hall from atlanta(for 2 raund)! He want’s to leave falcons! And drafted mlb(dan conor) or move Vrabel insade and draft Gholston! Pats forever

  16. John says:

    Why is Ty Law even entertaining the idea of returning to the Jets? Do we not want to bring him back? I think its a great idea to bring him back. Him and Brady are friends and he would be a big improvement in the 2ndary from what we have or can draft. We could sign him on the cheap and trade for D hall, eventhough im not huge on his character, but look at how Dillon and Moss’s characters changed bein here.
    Just some food for thought!

  17. Mike(Ser) says:

    Law is great option but we need to think about future! He will give us improvment on secondary but he is old!he lose speed,agility(haw you saw him in next two season)! We must draft cb( Leodis M. is great player)!
    Takeo Spikes is free agent,us need LB so he would be nice adition!

  18. Pats 2008 says:

    All great points. So let’s do all of the above….lets draft a few guys that Ty can work with. I think Meriweather has benefitted from Harrison being there. Then you have a good mix of experience and youth, and it just may make lots of sense where we could probably land Law pretty cheap. Law or no Law, we are going to still draft tons of defensive players…..Then we try our luck with Atlanta if we need that option, we would still have picks. The thing is the Pats are so good at getting key players from round 2 and on…they are superior at finding talent late…..

    2 65 Deion Branch Wide receiver Louisville SB MVP
    4[6] 120 Asante Samuel Cornerback Central Florida
    3[29] 84 Ellis Hobbs Cornerback Iowa State
    3 100 Nick Kaczur Offensive tackle Toledo
    4 133 James Sanders Safety Fresno State
    2[3] 36 Eugene Wilson Cornerback Illinois

    and a guy named
    6 199 Tom Brady Quarterback Michigan

    Either way I think it all looks great. I am very excited about this draft . 🙂

  19. editor says:


  20. Jeff says:

    Pats 2008: Don’t forget Dan Koppen, 5th round 2003. Pro Bowl this year.

  21. Pats 2008 says:

    Jeff: Good point, 164th overall…this is exactly why in New England Draft day is always something to look foward to. People can say what they want about the coach, but he knows how to draft better than almost anyone.

  22. Steelermamania says:

    In a game that lasted but an hour, for the Patriots it all came out sour. Eli’s game gave him great fame, while Brady’s left him in quite a shame. The big bad Giants gave em a solid pound, which left the Pats with their heads to the ground. The Patriots thought they’d leave with the ring, but instead ended up with quite a sting. Everyone in NY began to cheer, as the New Englanders said Wow our guys are queer. They thought they were going to be 19-0, but instead they got fucked like a hoe. It was a game where in the end Mik said WOW, just as the Pats threw in the towel. On the winning podium the Giants stand, which caused Bruce and Marco to bury their heads in the sand. Love Mik

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