The Comments Have to Stop

As many readers may have noticed, there were 74 comments yesterday, that included a lot of vulgar and outlandish terms.  I’m sorry for that, and I will do my best to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Mojo Rider and Loki182, while I respect your opinions, the language has to stop.  It is childish and immature.  One more comment like that from either of you, and your IP addresses will be permanently blocked.  Loki, I understand your a huge Pats fan, but you have to cool down with the language.

Update: Clearly Mojo Rider didn’t get the message.  He just started posting more vulgar comments under a name (same IP).  He’s blocked, and from now on, I’m deleting all other anti-Patriot arguments, unless it’s legitmate.  If you want to call the Patriots cheaters, fine.  Give your reason, state why you believe it, etc.  However, I will no longer tolerate CHEATERS, 18-1, things along those lines.  I’ve had enough.  Grow up.

17 Responses to The Comments Have to Stop

  1. loki182 says:

    That’s fine by me. My issue is that I come here to read your blogs in regards to the Pats and I comment accordingly only to be hammered with the ‘No Soup for You’, 18-1*, Belicheat, New Englanders Suck…etc….how they are going to take over this site…blah blah blah….

    No Pat’s fan can say ANYTHING here without dealing with these ingrates and insult….I don’t go to Pittsburgh’s sites and trash talk about their team. These jerks are coming on our home turf and insulting our team and US as people yet it has been ALLOWED since the SB.

    I commented on the signing of Moss as I am very excited about this transaction, and that jerk didn’t waste any time with his trash talk….quite frankly, I was provoked and I’m sick of it. He was all over another user too for voicing his opinions…it’s just wrong! If this was my page, I would not let ANYONE do that…It was time to return the act and I lost my cool. I want to discuss the Pats with other Pats fans..not with these morons who are jealous of our recent success. Im a huge BOSTON fan…I love all our teams through the good and bad. I have been a C’s fan since DJ and Bird, I cried with the rest of Sox Nation when the ball went through Billy Buckners legs, and it was another year my grandparents went through the pain yet again, until 2004.

    I started defending the Pats with class, and then I just lost it. it gets old. These people come here just to rub our nose in it. They tell us we suck, when in reality 18-1 is a great season. They only WISH their team could do something like that. They only wish their QB could reach 50 TD passes. They tell us we choked, when in reality we lost a hard fought battle to a defense who was very hungry. We make that FG(4-13), Samuel catches that ball, the outcome is different and we are 19-0. We would be under the microscope if that happend as well. We have nothing to be unhappy about, we are built to be contenders for the next 3-5 years with all our teams. This is a great time for Boston fans. I am just trying to enjoy it with fellow fans. We have never been exposed to so many championships. I’m sick of these jerks from other parts of the country trying to take that away from us.

    I do apologize for the vulgar comments, however, I’m not going to take insult from some low life that has no clue. Like I stated I simply came here to show my excitement to have Moss for another 3 years, only to be hammered. Perhaps some CONTROL and immediate action over such people who don’t come here to discuss football in a classy manner should be banned ASAP.

    Then there are people like Raiders4life…He is NOT a Pats fan, yet he has had many GREAT posts with GREAT points that is a joy to discuss. He is a fan, like I am, of the game. He brings class and solid points to the table. People like MoJo don’t need to come here when there is no substance to their comments.

    Perhaps, this is not a good forum to discuss our teams if this is going to be allowed. I noticed on, their blog page features lots of great talks about the sport with no idiotic comments. This is probably why more fans don’t come here, why would they? To take abuse from clueless humans? To hear about how we cheated? When in reality, Spygate is about one game vs the Jets and there have been NO FINDINGS that we taped the Rams walkthrough?I’m just sick of ALL of it…the SB is over, we lost! Yay! So now I’m getting pumped for 2008, why can’t we do that without all the other negative comments and insults from other jerks? Is this NOT a safe haven for us? For Patriot Nation?

  2. MoJo Rider says:

    Understood as well! I may have used some colorful language and for that I apologize. That said, this LOSER Loki is a big mouthed Baby who speaks and acts like a perverted idiot. One can disagree without introducing every sick form of perversion known to mankind, which is what nut-job wacko loki oakie doakie insists on doing to defend his worthless and weak team-ett! If you wish to kick me off your site for making fun of the Patriots then do as you must do. I will try to not use abusive language going forward. Beyond that – I move for no man. I say to Loki — if you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen buddy boy get the hell out! I will never relent is sharing my pure hatred for the stinkin’ Patriots. Neither will AMERICA!

    Loki’s point is nonsensical anyway. New England fans are among the most obnoxious, abrasive, and egotistical that there are. When you’re winning, you’re nearly insufferable. Now that the shoe’s on the other foot (because you CHEATED, and CHOKED and LOST), you’re going to whine every time someone points out that the Patriots are soft, weak, cheating, frauds. You can’t have it both ways Buster Bucco! So don’t go crying wolf when all us haters call you to task. We love that you lost. We love that we shut your mouths. You’re not even really real fans anyway – more so – you’re simply pretend…….

  3. loki182 says:

    I’d feel better if you’d commit suicide to free up more oxygen….or if you mother gets in a car crash….either way….i’d feel better if i could come here and discuss the Pats without people like you!

  4. Erik in AZ says:

    Wow, just wondering how old you guys are cause i am 19 and find your level of immaturity dreadful and can’t stand how the two of you can’t just step down and tell the other guy he win and just be happy you know what you feel is right. Nothing is being accomplished with this back and forth elementary school bickering.

    Just please, show some pride in yourself and stop even when the other won’t

  5. loki182 says:


    Whos right or wrong is completely subjective in this case. MY POINT is that I come here to discuss the Patriots, who they sign, what direction we are taking, etc. And then we have to deal with this crap. WHAT IS DREADFUL IS THAT PEOPLE NEED TO COME HERE AND START TROUBLE. All I want to do it talk football here…

    As for this COWARD!!!! I offered to talk to him and FINISH it MULTIPLE TIMES on my web page…did he accept the challenge? NO! He doesnt have the GUTS to go to my page and finish this off the record….

    He just wants to call us crybabies….I’m NOT CRYIN….we have 3 SB rings and 2 WS rings in 7 years…and the Celts are rockin the NBA’s world…I have never been more happy to be a New England fan.

    As for the SB, so what, we lost, it sucks, time to move on…Of course its a bummer….but that is why this sport is so great…you regroup and go at it again next year…

    And for the record…I NEVER ATTACKED THIS LOW LIFE! He started up on me and few other people here. I was simply posting Patriot related comments. He claims he wants to ‘punch me in the mouth’ yet he cant even debate with real valid points here let alone talking to me off the record if he has an issue….COWARD!

    And I am losing interest, because all it is here is BS! Noone is talking about the Patriots, its all how we cheated….when we really didnt do anything…so we taped one game….so what…LIKE NO OTHER TEAMS HAVE DONE THAT…get real!

  6. Greg says:

    Loki182: Mojo Rider has been blocked. From now on, I am blocking all anti-Patriot commenters, unless they are making an attempt at reasoning themselves. The only thing I ask is that you don’t get into any bickers, unless you are making genuine football related articles. If you think there is a commenter abusing his rights on this site, shoot me an email and I’ll take care of him/her. The problem I have with the back and forth bickering is that it takes up space, and gives the site a bad name.

  7. loki182 says:




    GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. loki182 says:

    Ok Greg…I understand, and I really do want to apologize for my lack of class here…But I just get so angry with all of this…a comment here and there is one thing…you voice your opinion and move on…but this was excessive and he was all over other users too. Everytime either myself would say something, we’d have to deal with that…it got really old….I didnt mean to get into a p***ing match…I just wanted to talk with fellow fans about our team. Also, other folks that may not be fans but just love football….Like I said Raiders4life’s posts were awesome!!! Lots of good stuff there…and it was very enjoyable to read. In the future I will watch what I say.

  9. Jeff says:


    As an avid reader of your blog, allow me to make two suggestions. I am all for you blocking MoJo Rider and his obscenity-laced postings. However, loki182’s comments were equally apalling. You should block him too. To not is simply showing favoritism to Patriot fans.

    Second, instead of “blocking all anti-Patriot commentators”, I suggest you block all postings with vulgarity and/or swears (since some of your readers are likely minors). But, let others speak their mind. As a member of the press, you must respect Freedom of Speech.

  10. loki182 says:


    I disaree with you.

    First off, If you read any of my posts in regards to this matter, I was being attacked along with other posters constantly. Freedom of speech is one thing, however, this is a privately owned site, therefore Greg can do what he wishes and make his own rules and guidelines.

    This MoJo Rider was just being a jerk about things. If he was making valid points and reasonable arguments, I would have never have gone to such extremes. I got tired of being hammered with this jargon every single time I would speak my mind. His posts were full of non-sense. He just kept repeating himself…Not to mention his attacks became personal prior to me saying anything vulgar.

    Second, I apologized for my lack of class (read above) and use of vulgar language (read above). This isn’t, at least to me, favoritism, this was the removal of an individual who came here to start issues with other posters. He was warned by Greg NOT to use such verbiage, as was I. Well, the difference is I STOPPED, he didn’t!

    Third, All I want to do here is discuss football, period! I never came here to start anything…However, I couldn’t say anything without dealing with insults that had nothing to do with football. Furthermore, the whole Belicheat, 18-1* was stated over and over and over again. You have something to say? Say it, support it, and move on…Don’t go out of your way to counter ever single post that is Pro-New England. There is a difference between someone speaking their mind, and jumping down someones elses throat everytime they speak theirs!

  11. I Love the Pats says:

    Shame on you guys! I’m as big a Pats Fan as you will find anywhere, but it’s no wonder we’re hated and despised universally as arrogant, obnoxious and self centered.

    As evidence, consider your recent actions. No doubt this MoJo Rider character was a jerk, however his anti new England rhetoric and opinions – albeit difficult to stomach, pale in comparison to the utter total filth propagated again and again and again from the keyboard of one loki182. Never have I read such obscene, perverse filth as witnessed by his posts over the last few days.

    So – let’s see if I have this right? You’re gonna ban MoJo Rider (obviously not a Pats fan) for poor behavior, and continue to let loki182 post his thoughts (obviously a Pats fan) even though his actions in my opinion were far worse. Sounds just a bit hypocritical if you want my opinion. I guess you fellas want it both ways. In the end,
    it smells a bit of the Pot calling the Kettle black.

    …and ya’ll wonder why everybody hates our guts…..

  12. Greg says:

    I wouldn’t ban a non-Patriots fan before a Patriots fan.

    However, I stated that I would kick either of them off if they made another obscene comment.

    Although I thought loki182’s comments after were immature, he discontinued the foul language, while Mojo Rider continued.

    I welcome any anti-Patriot comments, as long as they have a legitimate focus/point to them. I want articulated arguments, not “PATRIOTS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.” Do you understand where I’m coming from?

    However, it seems the majority of users want loki182’s ip address blocked, so it will be for one month. Hopefully, things will be able to calm down afterwards.

    Anyways, loki182, if you want to appeal this, or talk to me, you can email me at

  13. Greg says:

    Actually, I just checked my email, and saw seven emails requesting I block loki182 as well, so I will for good.

    Thanks for your patience everybody.

  14. KTELERIN says:

    Let’s move on guys and put our thoughts toward next year! Go Pats!!

  15. Dolphins Fan says:

    As far as the Pats being cheaters, I think time will tell. The fact that Arlen Spector is investigating the league and its handling of spygate, says to me that there is an element of truth to that claim.
    The NFL is now taking a more proractive approach to the PAtriots actions in the past 6 years.
    The thing is that do you think the NFL didn’t know what was going on? Of course they did and like MLB, they looked away and didn’t care.
    Now they seem to have found some moral ground? That’s nonsense. If it’s proven that the Pats cheated in the past, the league needs to take responsibility as well, because they would have let it go on for over 6 years.
    The other thing is this: How big a deal is videotsping signals? Coaches steal signals during game time. Why is it so bad when video is used.
    While I hate the Pats, I think this whole thing may be blown out of proportion. I just don’t thinka team can compile the record they ahve if they weren’t truly talented.

  16. Dolphins Fan says:

    One more comment: I think that anti-Pats fans like myself need to admit we hate the Pats because we’re jealous of their success. Seriously, I think this motivated me. I see how my pathetic fish are doing and can’t stand to see a division rival do so well. I do think it’s hard to be at te top. Everyone is trying ti bring you down but to call the Pats cheaters might be going to far. We have seen a number of fines being handed out to coaches who’ve broken the rules in the past few years and we don’t call them cheaters. We only go after the top dog.

  17. Steelermamania says:

    In a game that lasted but an hour, for the Patriots it all came out sour. Eli’s game gave him great fame, while Brady’s left him in quite a shame. The big bad Giants gave em a solid pound, which left the Pats with their heads to the ground. The Patriots thought they’d leave with the ring, but instead ended up with quite a sting. Everyone in NY began to cheer, as the New Englanders said Wow our guys are queer. They thought they were going to be 19-0, but instead they got fucked like a hoe. It was a game where in the end Mik said WOW, just as the Pats threw in the towel. On the winning podium the Giants stand, which caused Pat fans to bury their heads in the sand. Love Mik

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