Ty Law Visits With Jets, But Talks with the Patriots

I hope we can make this happen.  Mike Reiss reports:

Free-agent cornerback Ty Law said today that he’s been in contact with the Patriots, but at this point the Jets have shown more aggressive interest in him. Law visited with the Jets today.

Asked about his prior contact with the Patriots, Law said he had a “good conversation” with coach Bill Belichick.

“I’d say we’re definitely on good terms. He did express his interest in me coming there and I expressed mine, but I don’t know if it’s something that can get handled soon enough,” Law said.

Law noted that the conversation did not result in an agreement.

Meanwhile, Law touched on his visit to the Jets today, saying: “I’m familiar up here with New York and Eric [Mangini] and this system. They’re been aggressive and enthusiastic about getting something done.”

Sounds like Law is fielding offers from all teams, but his heart is still with the Patriots.

If signed, Law may transition to safety, but I think he would still spend some time at cornerback.


3 Responses to Ty Law Visits With Jets, But Talks with the Patriots

  1. chicken says:

    it seems pats have a gap at corner back and safty rite now
    we need to go out and do something about it, like wat we did with the WR last year
    we need to improve that secondary so that eli drive is no longer possible
    that is the only way to have a balanced team
    we can’t be all offence or all linebacker we need good corners
    i think law helps but we need another corner to help him out and maybe a third 1 from the draft that would have us in an excellent position

    patriots have been movin very slow and it has me worried so i dont no wat their intentions are, but cutting colvin was a bad idea i think, especially since i heard they are gonna draft a DE whu can play olb when they need a corner

    cant wait for the season but i think it’ll be a bad one for pats fans defensivly

  2. Brent says:

    The Patriots still have the chance at Ty Law, but to be honest there is not much talent in FA. Law would be a good leader and help younger CB the Pats may take via the draft.

    I think it will be interesting to see Law’s role with the Patriots now that Dom Capers is in charge of the secondary.


  3. Steelermamania says:

    In a game that lasted but an hour, for the Patriots it all came out sour. Eli’s game gave him great fame, while Brady’s left him in quite a shame. The big bad Giants gave em a solid pound, which left the Pats with their heads to the ground. The Patriots thought they’d leave with the ring, but instead ended up with quite a sting. Everyone in NY began to cheer, as the New Englanders said Wow our guys are queer. They thought they were going to be 19-0, but instead they got fucked like a hoe. It was a game where in the end Mik said WOW, just as the Pats threw in the towel. On the winning podium the Giants stand, which caused Bruce and Marco to bury their heads in the sand. Love Mik

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