Round 3: Patriots think Future

The Patriots’ front office is playing the draft well, real well.

The Patriots traded the 69th overall pick to the Chargers for their 2009 second round pick and this year’s fifth round pick (160th overall).  I love this trade.  We automatically move up the boards next year, with two second rounders.  Also, we fill the fifth round hole the Patriots had when we made the 1st round trade.

At 78th overall, the Patriots continued to rebuild their defense when they selected Michigan linebacker Shawn Crable.  I am completely emphatic with this selection.  Crable will be a starter on the outside for years to come.  He isn’t the most nimble, but he is smart, strong, and instinctive.  He can rush the passer, and is a nasty tackler.

At 94th overall, the Patriots surprised a lot of people with the selection of San Diego State quarterback Kevin O’Connell.  Will he be Tom Brady’s eventual replacement?  Will he have high trade value a few years down the road?  There are a lot of questions, but one sure thing is that O’Connell is good.  He has size (6’5″), he has speed, and he’s got an arm.  He might just have the most upside of any quarterback in the draft.  Definately a value pick for the future.


One Response to Round 3: Patriots think Future

  1. Steve says:

    i like oconnell, i think he will be the starter for the pats five or six years from now

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