2008 Patriots Rookie Free Agent Analysis

Every year, NFL teams bring in guys to compete as undrafted rookie free agents.  There are a lot of quality guys who don’t get drafted, and the key is, to find the right guys.  Who could be Rod Smith?  Who could be a Randall Gay or Mike Wright?  Little is known about some of these guys, but what is sure, is that these players are hungry to compete.  Usually, one of these guys can make the team or at least the practice squad.

Vince Redd, LB, Liberty

Some sources had Redd going in the seventh round.  At 6-5, Redd has the size to be a 3-4 linebacker.  He is pretty athletic, but isn’t the fastest.  Still, he has long arms to fight off blockers, shows some burst as a pass rusher, and is fluid for his size.  He is also versatile, having played end, outside, and inside for Liberty.  Still, there are questions about his competition level, his rawness, and why he transferred from Virginia.  In the end, the more I find out about this guy, the more I like him.  Very good signing, I think he could become a part of the team. 

Mike Dragosavich, P, North Dakota State

Dragosavich is arguably the best punter in the draft (the other competition being Durant Brooks).  At 6’6″, Dragosavich gets good extension, hang time, and distance.  He can also bring down guys in the open field.  Still, the ball sometimes gets off the side of his foot, and he doesn’t often get the ball to turn over.  Still, he should compete for the starting job in training camp. 

Chris Norwell, DT, Illinois

Norwell has played tight end, guard, and defensive tackle.  At 6’6″, 306 lbs, Norwell has size.  He is an average tackler, with average hand use.  He is good in run support, but is slow, lacks pass rush abilities, and plays too upright.  He could compete for a practice squad spot as a reserve nose tackle. 

Jonathan Stupar, TE, Virginia

Stupar was projected to be drafted in the 6th-7th round.  He has good hands, and has the ability to catch the ball well on the move, as well as in traffic.  He is a solid blocker as well.  He has good angles and can get to the second level.  Still, he lacks athleticism, doesn’t run good routes, and isn’t very strong as a blocker.  Overall, he should compete for a roster spot, and could be a good player down the road. 

Ryan Wendell, C, Fresno State

Wendell has started at guard and center.  Wendell has very good technique who has good hip movement, and he can slide his feet well.  He is also a good run blocker.  However, he isn’t too strong, as he gets pushed around by bigger defenders.  He also doesn’t have good leverage, and he needs to bulk up.  I could see him as a practice squad guy, or a late-camp release. 

Kenny Cattouse, RB, Troy

Cattouse is a speed back who averaged nearly six yards per carry with Troy his junior season.  He is fast, has good agility, and has solid hands.  At 5’10”, 205 lbs, he has a solid build as well. Runningbacks Coach Ivan Fears actually worked him out, so I think the Patriots were interested from the beginning.  I would consider Cattouse a poor man’s Kevin Faulk, and I think the Patriots like his versatility.  I think he will make the practice squad, but could end up with a roster spot a year or two down the road. 

Josh Coffman, OL, East Carolina

At 6’7″, 292 lbs, Coffman has a lot of size.  A converted tight end, Coffman started at right tackle for ECU, but could also play guard.  Coffman has good work ethic, as he bulked up well, but he still needs to add more strength.  Is good at knock downs, but doesn’t get good angles and doesn’t use his hands well: poor pass protector.  Not consistent.  In overall, he’s just another body.  He’s more than a long shot for a practice squad spot, but could get one with a good mini-camp season, followed by a solid training camp. 

Casey Tyler, DL, Portland State

At 6’6″, 310 pounds, Tyler is a big body.  A transfer from Washington, Tyler was a very productive starter with Portland State.  He’s a good tackler, did well in his workouts, and could make a good impression in rookie mini-camp. 


3 Responses to 2008 Patriots Rookie Free Agent Analysis

  1. rich says:

    what about Kieth Saunders of Alabama?

  2. Scott L Coffman says:

    Josh Coffman is my nephew and a D- was rather harsh for his grade. He has the heart and smarts (Master degree) to make it to the practice squad and will be a pleasant surprise in the mini camps.

  3. I enjoyed your writing style and I’ve added you to my Reader. Keep these posts coming.

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