Patriots Sign BenJarvus Green-Ellis

In my opinion, the Patriots just found a hidden gem.

According to reports, the Patriots have signed rookie free agent BenJarvus Green-Ellis. 

BenJarvus is a bruiser.  At 5’11”, 220 lbs, he looks for contact.  Although his stock dropped because of his 40 time, he has a good initial burst through the hole, and has some ability to make defenders miss at the second level (at a minimum, he can just plow them over!).

BenJarvus transferred to Ole Miss, where he has had back to back great seasons, going for over a 1000 yards his senior year.  All indications are that BenJarvus could be a workhorse, as he led all runningbacks in bench press reps at the combine.

There are a few knocks on Green-Ellis, however.  Foot speed is a question, as well as his patience  coming through the hole.

This is what NFLdraftscout had to say on him:

Underrated back who might be ranked considerably higher if surrounded by more talent throughout his career. Green-Ellis lacks feel in the passing game, but otherwise is blessed with a rare combination of size, agility and acceleration. Originally signing with Indiana, Green-Ellis proved himself to be an immediate threat in the Big Ten, averaging 98 rushing yards a game against Big Ten opponents before transferring to Ole Miss, where he earned all conference honors after each of the past two seasons.

BenJarvus is a guy I’m going to be rooting for throughout training camp, and I think he has a legit shot to make the team.


5 Responses to Patriots Sign BenJarvus Green-Ellis

  1. Jeff says:

    I heard he’s Jarvis Green’s cousin 🙂

  2. Mic says:

    I just hope that he can help us go undefeated again and win the Superbowl.

  3. Mike McGrath says:

    I totally agree. I wanted the Saints to draft this guy. He’s a great back from a bad team, and he has “football” speed. He’s run as low as a 4.4, even though he didn’t in the combine, which tells me he is capable of doing it again. That’s flying for a back his size. Nobody gets back-to-back 1,000 yard seasons in the SEC without something going on, especially when everyone is keying on you.

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  5. Hoinnagot says:

    Bob: “Emily, aren’t you afraid of death?” Emily: “I just think of it as a part of life.” Bob: “Yeah. The last part.” (Bob Newhart show/Sy Rosen) 😀

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