2008 Rookie Mini-Camp Report, Tryout Players

I’ll just give a few thoughts on who I thought performed well.  I’m going to break this into three parts; tryout players, rookie free agents, and draft picks…  doing three separate articles.

Tryout Players:

  • Mike Dragosavich –  Drago could be our punter of the future, as he was signed after an impressive rookie camp.  He booms at least a third of his punts over 50 yards, and although there are a few minor problems in his mechanics (ex. excessive leg extension, three step release), he seems to be really solid overall.
  • Kenny Cattouse – Another tryout player, I thought Cattouse did enough to warrant a roster spot.  However, I may have been wrong, as the Patriots have yet to sign the Troy product.  Cattouse showed good agility and great hands thoughout camp, and looked like he may have been that developmental third-down back the Patriots have been looking for.
  • Tyson DeVree – He didn’t necessarily stand out to me, but it was enough for the Patriots, who are looking for a young tight end.  DeVree seems to bring a solid combination of blocking and receiving ability.
  • Unnamed Players: #11, #13, #32.  There were three other guys who stood out to me.  #11, #13, and #32.  Numbers 11 and 13 were receivers, and both showed some flashes, but seemed to be raw and inconsistent.  #32, a runningback,  seemed to be well defined, with good speed and agility for his size. 

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