2008 Patriots Roster Contest

I’ve never officially had a contest on PatriotsBlog.net, so I thought I’d run the first one.  The rules are simple.  All you have to do is send your roster prediction to patriotsblog@aol.com, and you might just win some Patriots memorabilia!

Rules / Requirements

  • Must be at least 14 years of age, or have permission from a legal guardian
  • Must be a member of the PatriotsBlog.net Forum
  • Rosters may have 53 players, and eight practice squad players, for a total of 61.  Granted, I know there will be players on IR, PUP, etc. but take your best guess
  • Rosters must be submitted in depth chart form
  • Rosters must be submitted no later than 10 PM on July 25
  • Users may submit a maximum of five rosters.  However, only the latest will be considered.
  • PatriotsBlog.net reserves the right to suspend any user and remove any contestant without notice, if contestant fails to comply to rules
  • PatriotsBlog.net reserves the right to close the contest if there are fewer than 10 participants




2 Responses to 2008 Patriots Roster Contest

  1. Rak says:

    Is the contest still on? Thanks!

  2. Greg says:

    Yeah its still on. I’m going to extend the deadline to August 1st, because so far I’ve only got four people signed up.

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