My 2008 Roster Prediction V. 1

With the contest for the Patriots opening day roster up and running, I thought I’d throw in my input.  Well here it goes:


1. Tom Brady

2. Kevin O’Connell

3. Matt Gutierrez

Note: Patriots trade Matt Cassel for 2009 Third and Fifth Round Picks


1. Laurence Maroney

2. Sammy Morris

3. Kevin Faulk

4. Heath Evans (FB)


1. Randy Moss

2. Jabar Gaffney

3. Wes Welker

4. Chad Jackson

5. Kelley Washington

6. Sam Aiken

Tight Ends

1. Ben Watson

2. Marcus Pollard

3. David Thomas


1. Matt Light

2. Ryan O’Callaghan

3. Nick Kazcur


1. Logan Mankins

2. Stephen Neal

3. Billy Yates


1. Dan Koppen

2. Ross Hochstein

Defensive Ends

1. Richard Seymour

2. Ty Warren

3. Jarvis Green

4. Mike Wright

5. Le Kevin Smith

Defensive Tackles

1. Vince Wilfork

2. Steve Fifita

Note: Consider that Green, Wight, and Smith can all play NT as well

Outside Linebackers

1. Mike Vrabel

2. Adalius Thomas

3. Shawn Crable

4. Pierre Woods

Inside Linebackers

1. Tedy Bruschi

2. Victor Hobson

3. Jerod Mayo

4. Eric Alexander

5. Larry Izzo

6. Bo Ruud


1. Ellis Hobbs

2. Fernando Bryant

3. Terrence Wheatley

4. Lewis Sanders

5. Jonathan Wilhite


1. Rodney Harrison

2. James Sanders

3. Brandon Meriweather

4. Tank Williams

5. Willie Andrews

Special Teams

K. Stephen Gostkowski

P. Chris Hanson

LS. Lonnie Paxton

Practice Squad

1. Vince Redd, LB

2. BenJarvus Green-Ellis, RB

3. Gary Guyton, LB

4. Matt Slater, WR/S/ST

5. Mike Richardson, CB

6. Jonathan Stupar, TE

7. Mike Dragosavich, P

8. Casey Tyler, DE

Tough Cuts:

Jason Webster, Ray Ventrone, Stephen Spach, Santonio Thomas, Henry Smith


10 Responses to My 2008 Roster Prediction V. 1

  1. Stephen Neal is listed twice as a Guard and a Center — I think you meant to add Koppen down at center. Don’t mean to keep coming on here to correct, just trying to help out.

  2. Vicki says:

    Jon Stupar is a TE (#6 on your practice squad), and he is also a potential long-snapper.

  3. Jake says:

    I hope the Patriots will have a good year!

  4. Jets fan says:

    Pats suck

  5. Someone says:

    I think that Chad Johnson will start while Jabar Gaffney, and Wes walker will both play in the slot. And i wouldn’t be surprised to see Brandon Meriweather playing Corner. I think he knows the system and he is fast enough. In case of Jerob Mayo, I think he will play in a passing situations, until he learns to shed blockers. But overall i agree. Nice Depth chart.

  6. yomomma says:

    chad johnson what the f#@k r u smokin?

  7. Simon says:

    I agree with the roster posted in the main, but I think your trade value for Cassel is a little high. I can’t see us getting that sort of value.

  8. shane says:

    i welker will be the # 2 with chad jackson and gaffney in the slot

  9. Greg says:

    yomomma: Hmmm… I think the post clearly reads “Chad Jackson”… there was no edit there.

    shane: Wes Welker is a slot receiver, pure and simple. There’s no question of his abilities, but he is best suited in the slot. That will not change.

    And thanks to all who notified me of the Stephen Neal / Dan Koppen mistake. Keep in mind I did this all off the top of my head, so I was bound to make a couple of silly errors.

  10. yomomma says:

    i was refering to someone’s comment. not the post.

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