What Could Steve Fifita Bring?

One signing I never touched on was that of former Dolphins nose tackle, Steve Fifita.  Here’s what I found on him:

Steve Fifita, Utah (NT) (5′ 11″ 320 lbs.) Fifita is a tough and nasty player who gives a very good effort on every play. A classic NT built low to the ground, he is very strong and can overpower at the point of attack. He wins most one on one matchups, can occupy and occasionally split double teams and is very difficult to move off the LOS. Tenacious, with a warrior’s mentality, Fifita’s motor is always running. He possesses good quickness for a man his size and can penetrate and make plays in the backfield. He is a leader on the line. Fifita is limited as a passrusher and tends to wear down late in the game. He lacks great agility and lateral mobility and is not especially fast. With so many teams utilizing a 3-4 defense, Fifita could hear his name called a little earlier than expected.

Yes, that was before the 2006 NFL Draft, but it gives you a good idea of Fifita’s skillset.  He looks like he could be the typical 3-4 backup nose tackle we’ve been looking for.  A guy who can sub in for Vince Wilfork, and just plug up holes.


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