K. Brady Left the Team

According to the South Coast Today, Kyle Brady abruptly left the team during the 2007 season, due to “mental lapses.”

Considering their undying affection for tight ends, defensive ends and bigs in general, you’d think that tight end Kyle Brady would have had a job for life here in New England. The man stood 6-6, weighed 280 and looked more fit than Ivan Drago.

Not the case — he was released on Feb. 29. Brady had problems fitting in all season long, playing in 14 games and catching just nine passes. Regarded as one of the more intellectual ones in the locker room, Brady was thoroughly challenged by his position coach early in the season, who in the process questioned his “mental toughness” after a series of gaffes. (Not only was there the collective belief that he was a less than adequate blocker, he regularly ran the wrong routes in games and in practices.)

Brady’s response was to leave the team unannounced during the season. The team managed to quietly coax him into returning.

Strange… sounds a little like Andy Katzenmoyer.  Normally, I wouldn’t classify this as “news,” but things have been so slow, I needed to make a post.


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