Clayton Expects Seau to Sign, Barry Simms to Decide

With things really slow, we finally got a couple of nuggets, both of which seem to be good news.

First, ESPN’s John Clayton is reporting that he expects Junior Seau to resign with the Patriots before training camp:

There was one name I forgot the other day in trying to figure out the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2013. Brett Favre, Warren Sapp, Michael Strahan and Jonathan Ogden are possible first-ballot Hall of Famers. I forgot Larry Allen, who has yet to announce his retirement, but most people believe he will retire. Allen has been the league’s most dominating guard for more than a decade. Then there’s Bryant Young of the 49ers and Steve McNair of the Titans and Ravens. Someone also brought up Junior Seau, who is perhaps the most dominating linebacker over the past two decades. Fortunately, Seau will probably re-sign with the Patriots before camp begins. As a Hall of Fame voter, I would like to see Seau stay in football another year. We can only vote in five modern-day players in 2013. Our cup runneth over.

Also, free agent tackle Barry Simms visited with the Patriots last this week.  He’s visited three other teams, including the Ravens, and he expects to make a decision on where to sign later any day now.  Any Patriots fan should welcome a Barry Simms signing, as I think he could compete for starting right tackle.


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