Congrats Celtics

I’d like to take this opportunity in my return to the blog, to congratulate the Celtics on their championship, they make all of Boston proud.  Welcome to the brotherhood of Boston teams with recent championship rings! 

The Patriots are in good shape to maintain the championship-winning ways that Bostonians now expect.  So far there haven’t been any team-crippling departures short of asante samuel and Rosie Colvin.  It’s hard to doubt Coach Belichick going into any year these days.  He hasn’t truly disappointed since, conceivably, the 2002 season of the post-superbowl hangover season.  Maybe we will have a 2002-type season because of the bitter end to the 2007 season, a la New York Mets’ 2007 collapse leading into this week’s firing of Mets manager Willie Randolph.  But I don’t think this is a likely scenario.

The other question raised by the Celtics’ win:  Does this futher hurt fans’ wounds from the Superbowl loss?  After all, if the Patriots had won the Superbowl it would be an unprecedented Trifecta of Titles.  But, personally, I think the Pats have already done their part for greatness with the undefeated regular season, a very unique feat, with those 70’s Dolphins as the only other example.


13 Responses to Congrats Celtics

  1. titletown says:

    let’s see

    3 SB rings
    2 WS rings
    1 NBA Championship

    with…..the sox in first, the Pats with a weak schedule and reloaded with a chip on their shoulder…this is crazy….A decade in which will be remembered forever…Boston dominated this decade…it’s a dynasty for the city not just one team…absolutely incredible!

  2. True Patriot says:

    “Titletown”: Check yourself immediately. You made a mistake….you don’t have any “SB” rings. All must be forfeited for cheating. The NCAA makes cheaters forfeit all games, why not the NFL? The Pats violated league rules on video taping, and their “accomplishments” must be thrown out and pissed on for the shit that they are.

  3. Greg says:

    True Patriot: Why are you so ignorant? You and I both know the Patriots didn’t cheat in any of the Super Bowls. What they did was wrong, and they were punished for it. Should the validity of some of their wins come into question? Probably. But the Super Bowls? No way the NFL makes them forfeit the games.


  4. True Patriot says:

    You don’t really know Greg, do you? You can guarantee there was no cheating? How? They have admitted to illegal video taping over a 7 year period. You got lucky that Godell didn’t want to harm the league’s reputation. MLB is destroyed, and the NBA wasn’t enjoying this year either. The last thing the NFL wanted was to examine that Pats in detail. But why did Godell ever, ever destroy the tapes? And the rationale being that he was destroying them because then if other tapes surfaced then all would know that the Pats lied? Jesus Christ – who was born yesterday? Not me. Seriously, all of the games from 2000 to the present must be forfeited. Anything less is an embarrassment.

  5. Greg says:

    I never said I can guarantee there was no cheating in the Super Bowl. However, there’s no evidence that there was cheating. So until proven otherwise, the Pats are innocent.

    Or, maybe, you’re right. We should discredit every Patriots win since 2000. That’s the logical thing to do. We’ll also take away the Broncos Super Bowl wins, since Shanahan admitted he’s stolen signals. We should take away the Jets wins too. Mangini knew about the taping so he probably did it himself. Oh wait… remember when the Dolphins PURCHASED Patriots signals near the end of 2006. We don’t know how often they’ve done that, so they’ve got to forfeit all of their games. Hmmm… since Parcells taught Belichick a lot, he probably taught him about taking signals… so we can’t credit any Parcells victories with the Patriots, Jets, or Cowboys.

    Actually, I think I’ve come to the conclusion. Since teams are referencing other teams signals, I think we should erase the entire NFL history and start from scratch. What do you think?

    In all seriousness, having a team forfeit a game is ludacris. The Patriots should have been punished, and they were. The only thing the NFL needs to look into, now that the Walsh disaster has settled, is how other teams have stolen signals.

  6. Jake says:

    wait they admitted to taping ove a seven year period? Well anyway I’m glad the Celts won!!!

  7. Jake says:

    Oh and with the NCAA thing, they’re not playing for 40 million dollar contracts either

  8. titletown says:

    True patriot: Sorry dude, but you’re wrong. Boston is Titletown! Now stop crying like a little girl and deal. The Celts OWN the NBA, they OWNED the Losers from California…they KILLED Kobe, the Sox have won 2 WS in 4 years…so even if the Pat’s didn’t win any SB’s (which they won 3 much to your dismay) Boston would still be titletown…If you can’t take the truth, there is always suicide…go try it 🙂

  9. PatsFanSerbia says:

    Greg,what happened with Ty Law?
    Congratulations for Celtics,they are simply the best!

  10. James says:

    Go Boston! Let’s add the Lombardi trophy to our case, and if the NHL still existed, I’d like the Stanley Cup too.

  11. Pete the Meat says:

    Welcome back acjonez good to have you writing again

  12. Andrew says:

    thanks Pete the Meat!

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