Willie Andrews Arrested, Fired

More Pats Problems after Willie Andrews was arrested last week at his Mansfield apartment following a domestic dispute.  On July 1 the Pats released Andrews as the new arrest would be a violation of his probation that was enforced after his post-Superbowl pot arrest.  Clearly, there aren’t roster spots available for potential (or actual) felons and, according to scouts.com, Andrews was no shoe in to make the team as it currently stood before his arrest.

My only concern is the concept of the NFL taking the law into their own hands by immediately suspending or releasing players who have yet to receive their day in court.  Unless Andrews confided in his bosses that everything alleged is true maybe he is innocent.  Andrews doesn’t appear to be involved in any continuous criminal enterprise such as Michael Vick.  I mean, a domestic dispute is a different crime than buying large quantities of pot.  It just so happens they both are illegal and the gun charge could work with the drug charge against him, maybe land him in jail.

At the end of the day Andrews was just not a model Patriot.  After the 2007 season concluded, Coach Belichick said in an interview with the Big Show on WEEI that, regarding Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones and players in general fitting the Patriots model, some players would show up to practice listening to music on their walkman, and kind of do their own thing, go to McDonald’s after practice and stuff like that.  Belichick would replace whatever they were listening to on their headphones with football stuff and really try to steer them in the team direction.  According to Coach Belichick, some of these players just didn’t work out and would fit in better with other teams.  Maybe Andrews will sign with the Cowboys but meanwhile we are down a good Special Teams return man.


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