Training Camp Notes: Day 1

The Patriots opened training camp in the Dana Farber Field house yesterday, due to the rain.  

The team opened up the morning session with warmups and stretching, and then broke down into positional drills.  This is how most of the practice was, except for a little 9 vs 7 and 11 vs 11 team work.  Much of the team focused work was on the running game.  

Offensively, Laurence Maroney looked really sharp most of the practice, keeping his pads low, and showing that quick burst that everyone knows.  Defensively, Victor Hobson really stood out to me, he already looked comfortable… but keep in mind that it’s the first day.

Tom Brady took it easy most of the morning practice, not doing any excessive throwing.  Matt Cassel took most of the reps with the first team, while Matt Gutierrez took most of the reps with the second team.  Both quarterbacks looked pretty sharp.

In the second practice, Tom Brady began to throw a little bit more, airing out a few deep balls to Randy Moss in team drills, one on which he connected.  One guy who stood out to me most of the day, including the second practice, was Jason Webster.  I think he played, actually, along with Fernando Bryant, and is really off to a good start.

Also of note, was the presence of safety Tank Williams.  In some sub-package work, Belichick had Williams move up, and play like a linebacker.  Rodney Harrison has played this kind of role in years past.

Overall, day 1 seemed to be a good day.  There was a lot of positional work and fundamentals, but that’s what training camp is.  The players just have to keep working, as the Patriots’ first preseason game is just two weeks away.


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