Pats Sign Lamont Jordan

The Patriots have announced that they have signed veteran running back Lamont Jordan today. Jordan, 29, is a 5’10”, 230lb powerhorse who never really lived up to his potential when Oakland signed him back in 2005.

Jordan brings a lot of power to the Patriots backfield. However, he also brings good agility, hands, and football smarts (having been tutored by one of the all-time greats, Curtis Martin). But the question is, where does he fit in?

Well, he could potentially be a good compliment to Maroney, as he is a bull who will run guys over (but you might be surprised by his agility). But, the Patriots seem to have pretty good back-ups in Kevin Faulk and Sammy Morris. They already have hybrid HB/FB short yardage runners in Heath Evans and Kyle Eckel. They also have an intriguing prospect in the young BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

In a matter of hours, the running back position went from being ultra clear, to really foggy. Now, no player is guaranteed a roster spot, except for Laurence Maroney (and I hope Kevin Faulk, but you can’t even be certain).

And this is off-topic, but I’ll note it. Lamont Jordan will wear jersey #32. That number had previously belonged to Kory Chapman, but before that… Antowain Smith. There go my hopes.

Also, to make room for Jordan, the Patriots released former San Diego State wide receiver Robert Ortiz.


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