Faulk Suspended??

I am mystified as to Kevin Faulk being penalized a game for violating the league’s “Substance Abuse Policy”.  He got picked up at a Lil’ Wayne concert carrying two marijuana cigars.  He never failed a NFL drug test but he is penalized a game?  This is ludicrous.  I think the NFL substance abuse policy should regulate actual substance abuse, not an NFL player carrying substances for friends. 

          Under the American legal system Faulk would be guilty of possession of a banned substance, but there is no reason for the league to punish the possession of illicit drugs like steroids or marijuana, the aim of the substance abuse policy is to keep the game clean.  Kevin Faulk is clean so why is he being suspended?  Roger Goodell is too strict, bordering on some third world dictator mad with power.  If Adam Jones can play at all Kevin Faulk should be able to play the first game of the season.


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