Daunte Culpepper Rumors Begin

As expected, the Daunte Culpepper rumors have begun.  Pro Football Central reports:

Sources have told Pro Football Central ( yes the same source who told us about the Brady news first and that was dead on accurate) that quarterback Daunte Culpepper has not yet filed his retirement papers into the league and that already Patriots WR Randy Moss has been very vocal about getting Culpepper into town for a visit. The Patriots are, as the source states willing to bring Daunte in for a physical (which he passed in Pittsburgh)and go from there. Our take, this is 110% exactly what Culpepper was looking for during the offseason, a chance to start, play with a playoff team and play with Randy Moss and this is his chance and he will take whatever New England offers him to play for this team.

I really don’t know if there is any substance to this, but we’ll see where this goes.  Culpepper is clearly the most experienced, as well as the best quarterback on the market.  He has also had success with Patriots receiver Randy Moss.  However, I believe that for now, Matt Cassel is our starting quarterback.  I think having Culpepper breathing down his neck will only increase the pressure and possibly decrease his performance.

The Patriots have also brought in Chris Simms and Tim Rattay for visits.


11 Responses to Daunte Culpepper Rumors Begin

  1. BOB IN NK says:

    I heard a rumor today that this WHOLE BRADY football injury is actually an agreement or a conspiracy deal that was struck with Robert Kraft, Bellicheck, Team and NFL Commissioner as a direct result of the SPYGATE incident. Rather then receive punishment that would forever tarnish the Patriots, Brady, Coach, Team etc they agreed to “Not” have Brady play for several games and maybe even BLOW the superball to inferior player and Team.
    It makes total sense. What do you guys think?

  2. Nico says:

    The conspiracy idea is a good one, but why would they have waited to “blow out” Brady’s knee a year later and let them go 18-1. Also, the Superbowl looked too real to have been faked. No blown ref calls. No blown kicks. Just excellent play by the Giants.


  3. Greg says:

    You can’t orchstrate someone’s knee getting snapped the wrong way or the David Tyree catch.

    While we may want to believe this is some kind of conspiracy, I don’t think it is.

    Unless you consider rotten luck a conspiracy, that is.

  4. BOB IN NK says:

    You can wait for any contact play and then fall to the ground and scream. All of us have been hit and we often think my god “how did he not get hurt”. Thats not too hard.
    If you recall, it wasnt until after the season was over…. .like seconds after the BIG GAME…did the heat come down and they were all ordered to meetings.
    This is very possible. AND it makes sense too. Why ruin the history and hard work of great players when the NFL Commissioners know that all the teams do it. This is perfectly good trade off for preserving your all time leading “DYNASTY TEAM”
    status. You wouldnt believe the stuff that gets orchestrated!

  5. Rak says:

    I dont know if Culpepper is the type of QB that would fit in the Pats System. I would rather Chris Simms but Belicheck today on WEEI said that they did not bring in anyone in for workouts.

  6. Monk says:

    Simms would be a poor choice, he’s not a proven choice (lifetime 59.1 Comp. percentage, more ints than td 17-12). To me, Culpepper is a no-brainer choice. He’s never had the line that the patriots have, or the weapons. His bum knee was an issue behind the…ahem…lines…of Miami and Oakland. He’s got a proven track record and we all know he can win and win with Randy Moss. I’m a 49er fan, and Tim Rattay holds a, and special is not the word, but a place, but hell you can’t even find him on NFL.com for stats. I think by week 5 Culpepper could and would be the best choice for NE.

  7. Greg says:

    I think the best choice for New England is to keep Cassel as starter.

    Then bring in someone like Testaverde, who can be a mentor, could play if we needed him, but will accept his role as a backup, therefore not putting too much pressure on Cassel.

  8. Nico says:

    I am also putting my money on the whole Cassel as starter thing…..don’t you remember how Brady got started? Replacing the verteran starter who was injured…..

    The Patriots have a system, and more than not, Brady has been the biggest benefitor of this system. They can plug in any realistically sized (6’3 or bigger) with a decent arm quarterback and win most of their games most of the time.

    Notice I exclude the Football Shrimp, Tony Romo, who runs a generous 5’10” in real life and is so incredibly insecure that he will not do national television spots of himself in real size next to any person proportionally bigger than him. What a d+++++bag. His high profile girl friend is a direct attempt to erase the RUMORS that have been plaguing his personal life since Eastern Illinois.

    Mark my words–T. Romo will be out of Dallas later this year or next off season. I guarantee it. Dallas can only stand for their little Flucky Boy Wonder for so long before they get impatient, and Jerry Jones will dump him two steps before any dumb-bombshell girlfriend he has.

    Watch the entire St. Louis QB roster go down, and I mean hard. The second or third time Trent Green gets hit by a real player he will get another “concussion” and retire straight away. He is a paycheck player now. Trent PAYCHECK Green. This 38 year old washed up loser shouldn’t even BE in the NFL with people like Daunte losing their jobs….what a bad system this must be…..

    We TRIED to blackball the OLD MAN Chris Weinke and fail to accomplish that goal…..

    but Trent Green is still around? Everyone hates his uppity attitude. Have you ever heard of one of his X-teammates trying to ralley the management to pick his old washed up a++ up? No, because he is and has been for a long time—a NEVER HAS BEEN.

    At least Brady got his chance and got his time in the sun. In that time comes again only time will tell. The Daunte Culpepper should have that secret message for you if anything.


  9. Rick Muench says:

    Sign Culpepper as insurance.
    It’s a smart & prudent move.

  10. NE fan says:

    Culpepper in my eyes would be a great pick-up. When healthy, he’s got a big arm, can scramble and of course his past successes with Moss can’t be denied. Although he had been a troubled player at certain points in his career, look at how Moss and even Dillon weren’t distractions and didn’t get into any sorts of trouble with the Patriots organization. I just can’t see any downside to this except for Culpepper’s disdain of the NFL in his letter. Probably not the best move for him- but then again, with a team with a talent level of the Patriots, if that wouldn’t lure Daunte out of retirement, nothing would. We’ll see how Matt Cassell does against the Jets and in week 3. But by week 5, if the team is 1-4 or 2-3 – you have to consider it.

  11. PAT says:

    Agreed 100% !!!

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