Patriots Win 19-10

The defense was effective when necessary.  Cassel played mistake free.  Lamont Jordan is a beast.  Favre got sacked.

Adalius Thomas pummels Brett Favre

8 Responses to Patriots Win 19-10

  1. R1zzo23 says:

    That was a very encouraging game to say the least. Our slow secondary was able to keep these receivers in front of them for the most part and the defense played fantastic. Only knock on our defense was their lack of solid tackling on the Jets’ first scoring drive that went for a FG. Other than that, I thought they played great.

    And for the record, the Adalius Thomas sack was unreal! He took two Jets down to record the sack. I personally wish he had a chance to really toss Favre to the ground, but it was still great to watch.

    Cassel looked exactly like Brady in ’01 and LaMont Jordan was unstoppable on the ground. Add to that Kevin Faulk was his usual self in the passing game and Sammy Morris was the 1st half LaMont Jordan, this team looks good. Laurence Maroney needs to toughen up because he is always banged up with some sort of injury.

    One problem I can see from this team is Randy Moss. I just hope his attitude doesn’t turn sour. I think as long as we win, he will keep quiet. Especially when we win and he drops a long pass that, although under-thrown, should have been hauled in by Moss.

    Today was a great game for Patriots fans!

  2. Matt says:

    That’s a great picture – was also an entertaining play.

    @R1zzo23 – I think Moss was well covered most of the game which helped open up some of the other receivers. It will be interesting to see how Moss responds if his production stays down with Cassel and they don’t continue winning. Last year he went through a period where his production was down and it didn’t seem to be an issue (at least not publicly) but I would hate to see him start pushing Cassel to get the ball to him. We need Cassel comfortable not pushing.

  3. Mike says:

    Cassel will lead the Pat’s to the Superbowl.

  4. R1zzo23 says:

    Sorry Mike, but I can’t condone such a website as 18-and-doh…

  5. Jeff says:

    Great pic and concise game summary

  6. butch says:

    I think Matt cassel is a great player you will see….hey just wanted to let you know i found a great patriots scoreboard clock for my dad for his birthday at this great gift store.

  7. R1zzo23 says:

    Another thing that I forgot to touch upon was the play of the secondary. Rodney was his usual slow self when it came to chasing down WRs, but he was a beast when up by the line and looked as if he was playing a little nickel back in the slot, which I loved!

    Ellis Freakin’ Hobbs was all over the place and breaking up passes all game. I know this kid has gotten grief from Pats fans ever since he’s been on this team, but I love this kid. He’s a great #2 CB.

    Deltha O’Neal, in his first start in Bill’s defensive scheme, looked very good. He broke up a couple passes, made some big tackles and was very good in coverage. Only time I remember him giving up a big gain was to Coles when he had that “50+ yard catch” which was a product of zero pressure on Favre.

  8. Greg says:

    Yeah, I agree with all of the points you made about the defense.

    Hobbs looks like he is having a breakout season, Harrison looks 25, and O’Neal has been really solid. And as you said, the Coles play wasn’t really his fault.

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