Devestating Loss

Today the Miami Dolphins trounced the New England Patriots 38-13 using a radical playbook which made the New England defense look lost.  The defense gave up 461 yards of total offense, 216  of which on the ground to the combo of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams.  Miami coach Tony Soprano… I mean, Tony Sparano won his first NFL win as a coach and ended a 21 game win streak. 

Last week, the situation at Quarterback and our season looked much brighter.  This stinker certainly shakes things up.  The blame shouldn’t fall on Cassel alone.  I would like to look at this as a statistical outlier, the occasional stinker that any sports team will give up.  Look at baseball where even the best teams will lose two fifths of their games.  The Red Sox lose bad games all the time.  But the initial reaction after Tom Brady’s season-ending injury in week one seems that much more validated now.


20 Responses to Devestating Loss

  1. The blame shouldn’t fall on Cassel alone.

    No the blame should fall almost entirely on the defense. That was pathetic.

  2. Pip says:

    How about NONE of the blame goes on Cassel? The play calling on offense was crap and so was the running game. The team made zero adjustments to anything during the game and the defense just did not show up.

    You can’t pin the loss on the guy who threw 1 interception when the defense didn’t even bother to play.

  3. Greg says:

    Blame does go on Cassel, but just as it does 52 other players as well as the coaching staff. Bad game, real bad. But Andrew, as you said, they do happen… we just have to get past it.

    Not a good time for a bye. If I were the Pats, I’d want to bounce right back from this.

  4. Darryl says:

    the pats disrespected the fins before the game started by walking threw thier end of the feild and kicking balls over their heads during practice.they got what they deserve and the fans showed what they are about by booing thier own team. there is a thing in life called carma and i for one will enjoy watching this team implode if for nothing else just to listen to the fans cry and blame everyone else except their coach where the blame should be put. Cheaters never win

  5. r1zzo23 says:

    I’m sure most of us didn’t see the pregame warmups, but I’m sure the Pats didn’t expect as much of a game as they got from the Dolphins. But Darryl, don’t worry about the Pats and the fans. We’re smart enough to know who to blame. The coaching staff obviously made zero adjustments to the “Wildhog” formation they were running. Sure, the team played horrendous as well, but equal blame goes on BB. Thanks for expressing your disgust with the Pats, I love listening to the haters.

  6. Greg says:

    Yeah, haters are great to listen to. No matter what they say, you always know it will end it “cheaters.”

    I really expected adjustments to the whole Ronnie Brown thing, but they never happened. That was really surprising. The Dolphins went all-in, and we just never fought back.

  7. r1zzo23 says:

    I have been so used to this coaching staff making the best in-game adjustments you could think of, but in two of the last four games (yesterday and the Superbowl) there have been no adjustments made at all. Not sure what to say to that.

  8. frank says:

    Seems like “genius” Bill was ill prepared for that game plan executed by Miami. It is a lot tougher to prepare when you don’t have video tape of walk throughs

  9. r1zzo23 says:

    Yeah, I guess the Pats only have video taped walkthroughs for every team in the league other than the Giants and Dolphins…

  10. bigtoe says:

    This is the beginning of a tough year for the Pats – and I’m a big fan. Look at who we’ve played so far – KC, JETS, Fins – all pathetic and we’re lucky to be 2-1. Cassel does not have the goods to be a consistent NFL QB yet – maybe someday, but not now. Play calling has been suspect on offense, not sure if Moss is giving 100%, defense looked lost last week. Coaching has to step up and do a beter job as well. Fasten your seat belts Pats fans. This could get ugly if we can’t score 20 points a game.

  11. DP says:


  12. Tony says:

    Really tough lost. It can be explained though. The Pats and BB are THE best game-planning team in the league…period. Sporano knows this…so he did something that few teams can do…he threw out the gameplan and came up with what we saw. The Dolphins were uniquely positioned to do this because, quite frankly, they are under new leadership with new playbooks, new players…you get the point. Most teams can’t wholesale cast out the playbook. The Phins had nothing to lose and it showed. Throw in (i can’t believe i’m typing this) poor in-game adjustments and you get this debacle.

    Now, Matt Cassel. I didn’t immediately push the panic button when Brady went down (though I was very disappointed). Tons of people drew comparisons b/t Brady’s origins and Cassel’s. That said, I challenge any fan (Pats or not) to go back to 2001 and compare the tapes of the QB play. There is no comparison. Cassel is skiddish in the pocket, that in turns makes a probowl O-line look bad (they never know where he is going to be or what he will do). When the pressure is on he’s not looking to make the play down field (ala Brady), he’s looking to get out of harms way. Brady, even in 2001, was strong and “cool” in the pocket. He didn’t break it that often at all. Cassel seem to break it at the first signs of pressure. AND, perhaps even more concerning, Cassel is just not accurate with the ball. 2001 Brady, even with the dinking and dunking that was going on then, was spot on with his throws. Cassel is only calm in the post game interviews…he’s far from it in the game. Lastly, arm strength…it’s just not the same. Cassel, on the few deep balls he’s thrown, hasn’t shown the arm to get the ball where it needs to go. Basically, we’ll have mediocre (at best) QB play this season–like most NFL teams. So, I say this…like I tell my son, as a fan, you ride it out. This year will hurt. We stomped teams into the ground without mercy last year. Those who can, will return the favor. Our team is proud, Pats fans are proud…soldier up and root on. GO PATS!!!

  13. Jake says:

    Daryll I don’t know if you noticed what Joey porter said but umm… that was disrespectful

  14. Darryl says:

    Jake with all due respect if you listen to what he said and not what was reported he said you might feel different. he said Cassel is no Brady, i think we all can agree on that. He said they were going to throw everything at him and it would be nice to get a win, he never guaranteed a win. I dont think it is disrespectful to try and pump your team up before a game as long as you keep it clean i think he did that.

  15. r1zzo23 says:

    I don’t think what Porter said was disrespectful either. It just comes down to if you don’t back up your words, you look like a genuine jackass. Today we can all sit here and say that Porter, for the first time, did some good to his team with his mouth.

  16. Joe Bills says:

    It was so nice to see the Patriots lose. This team will not be the same with out Brady.
    It is sad to see the team is built around one person. Matt will not be able to stand the boston pressure and I would seem to think he will be BOOOOED right out of Foxboro.
    The team is washed up with elder players trying to hold on to something in the past.
    Time to rebuild and HOPE for the future.
    GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. r1zzo23 says:

    Haha, if you seriously believe that the Patriots will have to rebuild for the future because Brady will miss one season, you’ve got to be off your rocker son.

  18. Jose says:

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  19. chris says:

    what is cassel even in the game. He is not our future. We need to pick up a free agent or start O’Connell. Whats the wait!

  20. Russ Plat says:

    The Bills are 4-0? I congradulate the Bills on a terrific start… That team has the potential to make it really far in the playoffs with young Trent Gree.. I mean Trent Edwards (omg is trent “the bills own future tom brady. hah) Get over it Edwards is tough but he has not been challenged at all. The games were won by the bills special teams and defensive! Buffalo, the truth is you had a good start but they have not played the pats yet. And we all know the pats will make the playoffs maybe we won’t be 16-0 but everyone says that our defense is old, how many young teams win superbowls please tell me? Its best put that even bill fans question if they will ever win a superbowl? How long has it been because I remember the pats winning 3 in 4 years!!! ahhh relief. Moving on, we beat KC, We beat the B-R-E-T-S and obviously lost to the dolphins because unlike every other team we don’t have a “starting quaterback” right now. Its okay though cause were still better than the Chargers lol.another note on another note the reason everyone is making a huge deal about this loss to the dolphins because excluding “the worst managing job in last 4 minutes of a superbowl” I have ever seeen.m the patriots record in the last 24 games is 21-3! And the only teams we seem to lose to are the dolphins and the mannings! With tom brady or without its as if the pats just don’t care to even gameplan for the dophins I mean realistically I think USC can take out the dolphins! Finally,the good news is that every one of the QB’s on the roster can make something happened. Matt “backsteet boy” cassel can lead our team to the next american idol contest (yourtube Matt cassel singing.)

    Personally, I’d like to see O’connell play not because he’s better than cassel because he’s not, he’s a rookie the patriots playbook is difficult not something a rookie can take in right away. But here’s an interesting fact, kevin O’connell was voted team captain by his teammates FRESHMEN year in college. O’connell is more of a west coast player, like garcia but smarter and younger. Learn the playbook o’connell learnnnn the playbook!!!

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