Kevin O’Connell… Uhhh…

Yesterday was a really big day in terms of completely not important not even news worthy items that make you go “huh?” or “what the-”

The best example of this is a certain, ummm, photo that the Boston Globe accidentally ran of Patriots cornerback Kevin O’Connell.  I will refrain from posting it here, but essentially, a post it on his wrist band states that something else is “tiny too.”  If you have the desire to see this photo for yourself, it’s over on Deadspin.

My guess?  Some form of rookie hazing.  That’s is all I can think of, unless he really wanted to let the size of his extremities be known to the world.

Of course, the Herald was forced to apologize for the photo, stating:

A photo on Page C6 in Sunday’s Sports section showed Patriots rookie quarterback Kevin O’Connell wearing a wristband with inappropriate language written on it. The photo did not meet the Globe’s journalistic standards and should not have been published.

Interesting.  In sort of unrelated yet slightly more important but barely even a rumor news, several media outlets are reporting that Kevin O’Connell has really impressed, and could take over the reigns as quarterback if Cassel can’t win games.


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