Goodell Shuts up Al Davis; Chargers Preview

Apparently, NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell made a strong effort to muzzle the cantankerous (ill natured and quarrelsome) Al Davis via delivery of a letter condemning his public accusations against the Patriots concerning tampering with Randy Moss.  According to ESPN, the charge of issuing false allegations in public would warrant penalties of either fines or loss of draft pick(s). Is this Goodell’s effort to strike back at teams, media, football fans that talked so much b.s. about the Patriots following Spygate? Or is he overstepping his bounds? Is what Davis alleged merit any action, be it punishment or anybody’s valuable time? Davis is the Steinbrenner of the NFL, only crazier. But I don’t think the solution is to punish the team any more than the punishment they already endure of having Davis as their owner.

In other news, the Patriots are playing the Chargers this Sunday on NBC primetime. This has to be, on paper anyway, their toughest opponent of the year. This game could go either way in my opinion, as that is the reality of the 2008 Patriots-confidence is no longer a given. That said, The Chargers are not strictly a winning team right now, whatever the unfortunate end-of-game happenings that Chargers fans can use as excuses. They are down Merriman, L.T. is showing signs of age, and historically the Patriots defense has owned the Chargers. And with the training camp-like atmosphere at the Patriots’ hotel in California I actually like their chances against at San Diego.

One Response to Goodell Shuts up Al Davis; Chargers Preview

  1. Sheriff says:

    Brady had a second procedure today for an infection. We Charger fans are actually pulling for him to fully recover because last week was a joke and not a true reflection of the battle these two can put on. Yeah, we want to kick your butt. But it will only mean something when both teams are at full strength.

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