Week Six Stat Attack: Ouch

In a bounty of new features being released this week, I announce “Stat Attack,” a feature looking at numbers, percentages, figures, for the Patriots every week.  I will look at about five per week, analyzing the numbers.

.600: Patriot’s current win percentage

Things obviously need to improve.  With the team facing the Broncos next Monday night, that record could easily drop to .500.  This is the only number that really matters, and right now, the Patriots aren’t faring too well as they are currently not even in the playoff picture.

78.1– Matt Cassel’s Quarterback Rating

87.0 — Matt Cassel’s quarterback rating two weeks ago.  This falling number shows just how much Cassel is struggling.  If he plays like he did last night, the Patriots won’t be going too far this season.  Too many passes were underthrown, rushed, erratic.  His last two games he only has one touchdown, with three interceptions.

31:34 — Patriots Time Of Possession

Interestingly, the Patriots actually won the time of possession.  This shows that they had to rely on the run and short passing game too much, and couldn’t put the cap on long drives (since they only put up 10 points).

89 — Points the Patriots Have Allowed Last 3 Games

Clearly, something isn’t right with the Patriots defense.  They have looked solid in the run the last two weeks, but overall, have been very inconsistent.  The Patriots offense won’t be putting up 30 points per game, so the Patriots are going to need to do something to turn this defense around.

3 — Number of Passes Given Up of 40+ Yards

Simply unacceptable.  Thumbs down to Deltha O’Neal and Terrence Wheatley who both got burned badly deep on multiple occassions.  Rivers was throwing down field with ease.  The pass defense has been looking shaky as of late, first Pennington, at times O’Sullivan, and now Rivers.  Work still needs to be done in the secondary.

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