The Red Sox Can Teach Us Something

Everyone who saw the Sox game last night probably went to work or school today with a renewed swagger, no voice, and an extra kick in every step.

The Red Sox’ inprobable comeback last night, winning with a J.D. Drew hit to right field in the ninth, after trailing 7-0 heading into the bottom of the 7th, showed every sports fan the true beauty of sports, that no team is ever out of the game, at any moment.

After the B.J. Upton knock off the wall that drove in two runs in the top of the seventh, fans began to leave, the announcers started talking about the World Series, and everyone assumed the Red Sox were out.  But they weren’t, they battled.  They showed us that any team can win any game given the chance, that the fight means everything.

What does this tell us about the Patriots?
tom brady injured
While many teams counted the Patriots out after the Brady injury, and after two bad losses, the Pats still have a shot.  Fueled behind and under-achieving defense, they can still make a run.  They can still have that magic that won them three Super Bowls.

So until the Patriots are sent home, you can stop counting them out.  Because like the Red Sox, the Patriots will always keep fighting.

This Monday night, the Patriots will have one of their toughest challenges of the season against the Broncos.  While they certainly won’t be favored, they may still be able to pull it together.  If they get through the Broncos, they have the Rams, and if they won those two games, they would be 5-2 heading into the stretch run.

Wow, that was what you’d call a light piece.


One Response to The Red Sox Can Teach Us Something

  1. Sheriff says:

    Brady had a second procedure today for an infection. We Charger fans are actually pulling for him to fully recover because last week was a joke and not a true reflection of the battle these two can put on. Yeah, we want to kick your butt. But it will only mean something when both teams are at full strength.

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