Week 7: First Half Analysis

  • The Patriots jumped out really strong against the Broncos, forcing and recovering fumbles on the Broncos first two possessions.
  • Sammy Morris?  He’s looked good, but who would have thought he would run for 138 yards in the first half
  • Tale of the tape: four forced turnovers
  • Ellis Hobbs had two great breakups on passes intended for Brandon Marshall
  • Stephen Neal, activated before the game, got his first action in a goal line big set on a fourth and one
  • Cassel: 8/11, one touchdown
  • The pass protection is really struggling, as the Pats let up five first half sacks
  • Overall, great half of football, and I was off, I wasn’t expecting anything like this.  Patriots lead 20-0, and get the ball to start the second half.

One Response to Week 7: First Half Analysis

  1. Novangelus says:

    Hey great blog – let’s hope the pats can close the door on the Broncs.

    Here’s another great blog – this guy Ben knows his stuff too


    Come on Patsssssssssss

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