2009 Patriots Draft Sneak Peak: The Picks

In my second post on the draft, I will take a look at some of the picks that the Patriots may hold heading into the 2009 draft.

Currently, they have:

  • 1st Round – own pick, proj: 21-32
  • 2nd Round – from Chargers, proj: 45-55
  • 2nd Round – own pick, proj: 57-64
  • 3rd Round – own pick, proj: 89-96
  • 4th Round – own pick
  • 5th Round – own selection (Ha!  I fooled you!)
  • 6th Round – own pick
  • 7h Round – own pick

That’s not bad.  Eight picks including the second rounder we got from the Eagles for the third round (69th overall) this year.  However, the real treats are the compensatory selections.  From what I’ve gathered, we lost four players who are eligible to be compensatory picks.  Eugene Wilson, Randall Gay, Asante Samuel, and Donte Stallworth.  We also brought it one player, Sam Aiken, that can take away a pick.

Samuel is a lock to be a third round compensatory selection.  At $38 million over 5 years, Donte Stallworth will either be a fourth or a fifth round pick.  At over $3 million a year, Randall Gay will likely net us a fifth or a sixth round pick.  However, Sam Aiken is a borderline compensation player, which means we could, at worst, end up with a third and fifth round pick.  However, if all goes right, the Patriots could end up with a third, fourth, and fifth round compensatory selection.

Our draft could look like this:

  • 1st Round: own pick
  • 2nd Round: Chargers’ pick
  • 2nd Round: own pick
  • 3rd Round: own pick
  • 3rd Round: compensatory pick
  • 4th Round: own pick
  • 4th Round: compensatory pick
  • 5th Round: own pick
  • 5th Round: compensatory pick
  • 6th Round: own pick
  • 7th Round: own pick

If the above becomes true, that would give the Patriots a total of 11 picks, two each in rounds two through five.  While compensatory picks can’t be traded, having the picks earlier in the round can allow us to move around, making some potentially valuable trades.  I also wouldn’t rule out moving up in the 1st round if there is a premier player in the top 10 or 15 that the Patriots want.  Even if the Pats don’t make a lot of trades, the extra picks we allow us to further the youth movement on both sides of the ball (well hopefully continue it on defense, and get it going on offense… cough… cough… line… cough).

While the draft is still six months away, this certainly gives Patriots fans something to look forwards to.


12 Responses to 2009 Patriots Draft Sneak Peak: The Picks

  1. r1zzo23 says:

    Never too early to talk about the draft. The Pats always come out and have a good draft weekend, so I’m sure you give BB this many picks and he’ll make the best of it.

  2. Greg says:

    Yeah, seems like one of those drafts, based on the picks we have, where we could pick up a lot of future starters and role players.

  3. Rak says:

    That extra second round is huge…. second rounders are in my opinion more valuable than first rounders, (You pay them less, less riding on it and still great players around in the 2nd)
    Just like we had to root against the niners last year I am rooting hard against the Chargers this year

  4. Greg says:

    Say we kept all of our picks from the first three rounds… that would give us 5 high potential starters right near the top.

    Rookies with potential we already have:
    Jerod Mayo
    Shawn Crable
    Terrence Wheatley
    Jonathan Wilhite
    Gary Guyton
    Vince Redd

    Young guys with potential we already have:
    Brandon Meriweather (24)
    James Sanders (24)
    Ellis Hobbs (25)
    Mike Richardson (24)
    Vince Wilfork (26)
    Pierre Woods (26)
    Ty Warren (27)

  5. r1zzo23 says:

    With the way the Patriots draft, I would almost rather see them hold on to their 2nd and 3rd round selections rather than moving up to the 1st round just to save money. But on the other hand, seeing the Pats draft high in the draft is always exciting and obviously the brains of the operation will not allow the Pats to draft a bust. Either way, New England will get better through the draft no matter where we select.

  6. Greg says:

    rizzo: I agree with that, however, what if there is a premier player the Patriots see as a perfect fit?

    One name to keep an eye on: Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois. He is going to be soooo sick.

  7. r1zzo23 says:

    Yeah obviously if there is a huge talent on the board that fills a need for the Pats and can step in immediately, then by all means do what you have to do to go up and get him.

    Vontae Davis will be the #1 DB to come out of this draft. He is just an absolute ball hawk with physical skills like his brother Vernon, except he plays his position at a high level. He would be exactly what the Patriots need, but I’m not sure how long he’ll be on the board for us to try to make a move.

  8. shilanga says:


  9. Wang says:

    This is one of those few years where BB would look at moving up. The lb’s and secondary players are in the top this year. we have the picks and the potential value for matt cassel sitting there could net us both cushing and one of the top two corners all before the second round starts.

  10. Patriot Gnome says:

    The Patriots organization has one of two options. The first option is to trade up and pick a LB or CB. The second option is to trade some of the picks for future picks. The Patriots have to do this because the organization has about 10 to 15 free-agents after next season. The players need to signed or we will lose players like Richard Seymour and Vince Wilfork. The Patriots organization needs to be very careful during this draft.

  11. dan says:

    What happened to the pick we got from the chiefs

  12. reahn says:

    i heard that the patriots were trading randy moss is that true?

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