Ty Law Coming Back Thursday… As A Jet

Adam Schefter of NFL.com reports that the New York Jets have signed free agent CB Ty Law for the remainder of the season.

Free-agent cornerback Ty Law reached agreement Monday with the Jets on a one-year deal, and is expected to play Thursday night against the Patriots.

“This is going to be different playing Thursday night against the Patriots, matching up against my former team and the players I’m used to practicing against,” Law said as he was packing in Boston to drive to New York only to return to Boston again on Wednesday.

“I know they’re going to throw at me, but I welcome the challenge — bring it. I got the tricks for you.”

Could this just be Mangini playing mind games with Bill? And did they really have to do this on Troy Brown night at Foxboro? Hopefully Mangini has a little more class than to try to take any attention away from this special night for the Patriots and their organization by recognizing a team legend.

Ty Law, although almost always in good shape, can’t possibly be close to game shape and shouldn’t play much or a role in Thursday night’s game. As if a Jets/Pats game couldn’t be any more exciting, we get this little bit of news just 72 hours before kickoff.

Is it Thursday yet?!?!?!


10 Responses to Ty Law Coming Back Thursday… As A Jet

  1. Greg says:

    This is real tough. Apparently, Law was real close to signing with the Pats.

    I’m sure the reason he chose the Jets is because of the money. Because he has ultimate respect for the Patriots, and he lives in Boston.

    I think ultimately, the Jets were able to offer him the starting money he wanted, and the Pats wouldn’t give it to him.

    I’m not going to blame Law or get angry at him, but it would have been nice to him come back.

  2. Rak says:

    If he plays on Thursday, he wont be ready. The Pats and Cassell should pick on him big time.

  3. charleyjet says:

    We are coming to get you!
    Jets 31-NE13


  4. curtis martin says:

    Don’t mess with the Law! If he plays, and they “pick on him”, he will haul one in.

    Jets 34 Pats 17

  5. junior says:

    I hope the jets win by 20 then when its all said and done mangini takes a dump on the 50 yard line. You people up there are like one tooth loss away from being mayberry

  6. curtis martin says:

    “Everybody thinks it’s money, money, money,” “New England offered me more money than I’m getting paid here. New England offered me a good bit more, but I felt like this was the right situation and Eric was always forthright with me about how he was going to utilize me and let me come in and play. If I want to play beyond this season, I think this is the best chance to do so and the best chance to win, in my opinion.” -Ty Law

  7. DSmizzle says:

    I hope Mangini makes a poop on the 50-yard line as well.

    A big, greasy, New Jersey turd and you Pats fans can clean it up.

  8. James Dearth says:

    hahahaha yea I’m sure the Jets signed Ty law to ruin Troy Brown night. You’re a joke.

  9. r1zzo23 says:

    I think it’s funny that the Jets go out and sign secondary help to defend against the golden arm of Matt Cassel while the Pats lose DBs week after week and just stick to what they have to battle against Brett “The Legend” Favre. Should be a fun game to watch.

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