Could Adalius Thomas Return for the Playoffs?

Usually, when a player goes down with a “season ending injury”, they get multiple opinions, and when the doctors say the player won’t be able to return, they are placed on injured reserve.  Often, if the team doesn’t see a need to open a roster spot, they might wait.

However, in other cases, if there is a chance that the player may return, they may wait a few weeks to see how that player is recovering.  That brings up the Adalius Thomas situation.

Adalius Thomas broke his forearm nearly two weeks ago, and also had surgery.  However, according to sources, doctors have not yet told Thomas that he is done for the year.  In fact, Thomas went for a follow-up one week ago, and still hasn’t been placed on injured reserve.

Clearly, at this point, it looks like there is some chance that Thomas could return by the end of the season.  If he does return, it would be an immensely huge boost to the Pats’ defense, as Thomas plays in virtually every package amd sub-package, and is very versatile in what he can do.


One Response to Could Adalius Thomas Return for the Playoffs?

  1. I’ve been wondering about this for the past few weeks. Even if he’s not fully healed, he wouldn’t be the first guy to play in a cast.

    The Pats D missed him last week….

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