Patriots Win, But Jets and Jags Don’t

Five years from now, I’m only going to think about what could have been.  At 11-5, the Patriots have failed to qualify for the post-season for the first time since 2002.

To be honest, I don’t want to talk about it.  I don’t want to write about it.  The fact is, any team that is 11-5 and on a dominating four game win streak deserves to be in the playoffs.  We tied with the third best record in the NFL, yet still didn’t make it.

This team really could have made a post-season run.  And I mean Super Bowl.  We could have won it all.  I believe there were only three teams better than us in the entire NFL, the Steelers, Giants, and Titans.  We were on the same level as the Panthers and Colts.  I think we were better than the Dolphins, Ravens, Falcons, Eagles, and Broncos/Chargers… etc.

The momentum that this team had… well, I’m not sure they could be stopped come playoff time.  The fact that multiple teams with worse records than the Patriots can make it show exactly how ineffective the current playoff seeding system is.  By having the divisions so small, the best teams don’t always make the playoffs.  We saw this last year with the Browns, in 2005 with the Dolphins, and now more than ever with the Patriots.  Expanding the divisions back to six would eliminate teams like the Broncos or Cardinals making the playoffs.


Wow, I still can’t believe the Patriots missed the playoffs at 11-5.  Wow. Wow. Wow.

Speaking of wow, how about today’s game?  Despite the fact that the Patriots missed the playoffs, it was one hell of a game.  The wind definitely made it fun to watch.  I wasn’t around for football in the 40’s, but I imagine today’s game somewhat resembled the good ‘ole days of football.

There are going to be a lot of changes this offseason.  The Patriots have a lot of picks, there will likely be personnel changes.  That can all be discussed in the future.  For now, we can just try to move on.  The Dolphins had one hell of a season, and they did deserve the division title, no matter how good the Patriots actually are.


5 Responses to Patriots Win, But Jets and Jags Don’t

  1. Rob says:

    This is sooooooo frustrating. This team came soooooooo close.

    Matt and BB gave us one hell of a season. Pats should trade Tom bRady, I’m not even kidding.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Brady is best qb in the game!
    Trade Matt/4round for 1st pick and draft CB,ILB,WR,RT!

  3. r1zzo23 says:

    It was one hell of a season and definitely frustrating that we are not in the postseason. I was just curious to see how far Cassel could have taken us and I don’t think a Super Bowl win was out of the question.

    Sure we can blame the divisions and playoff setup, but all we had to do was win one more game than we did. We had 5 losses. Of the 5, 3 were total blowouts (Dolphins, Chargers, Steelers), leaving us with 2 games that really cut us deep: losses to Indianapolis and the Jets. If the coin had flipped our way that Thursday night and given us the ball instead of the Jets to start overtime, we could be welcoming the Ravens to Gillette next week.

    It’s going to sting to look back at this season, but it was one hell of a run. My prediction as soon as Brady went down was 10-6, so for us to go 11-5 without the MVP of the league speaks a lot about the character of this team.

    With all of our draft picks, I’m sure draft week will be very interesting, but there is no more intriguing question than what will happen with Matt Cassel? Only time will tell, but I hope if he leaves that we can at least get something for him.

  4. Jordan says:

    What a disappointing finish to the season. The team played great and I’m proud of them, but finishing 11-5 and still not making the playoffs is insane. I don’t know if I agree we could make a Super Bowl run, but I guarantee we’d have won at least one game.

    After seeing the report that Brady may not be ready to play for the beginning of the 2009 season, if at all, scares me. It was bad enough seeing him go down in Week 1 and finding out that he’s done for the year, but to hear that he may miss ANOTHER year if he has to have more surgery is terrible. The last thing I want is for Brady holding his knee at Gillette to be the last memory we have of him.

    And saying all of this, I think it’ll be hard to find a trading partner for a QB who may not play next season, if again at all. Unless this is a ploy by the Pats to make the Cassel franchise/trade look more legit, I don’t think either QB’s are gong anywhere.

    I think we should try and sign Cassel to whatever we can, then hold off on trading him until we find out more info on Tommy. This way maybe we won’t have to pay him $12mil for the year. Either way, I just want Brady back and healthy, even if he isn’t quite as good as he once was just yet.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Bummer. Pats were so close they could taste it. Regardless of who wins it, I think Cassel is the MVP. He took all the pressure and kept the Pats in playoff contention. Belichick should be Coach of the year too. He is an expert at scouting multi-talented players and it payed off all season. That being said, I just saw that Brady might be out for longer than expected, possibly the entire 09 season. I don’t know but I’m hoping Matt can be re-signed at least for a one-year deal. He’s already said he’d like to stay in New England. But you never know. If Brady can’t play, we’re either gonna see an experienced Cassel for one more season or our 08 draft pick is gonna be takin the snaps come September. GO PATS

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