Report: Crazy Weather in Buffalo

When the Patriots take the field against the Buffalo Bills today, the weather looks to be a huge factor.  Huge factor.

ESPN is reporting that wind gusts at Ralph Wilson stadium have reached 60 MPH, and look to be at around 40 MPH at kickoff.  The wind has gotten to the point that the goal posts have been tilted and the sideline benches thrown around due to the wind.

While the game is very unlikely to be delayed, the weather will still affect how the game is played.  Look for both teams to rely on the run heavily.  Expect a  lot of Sammy Morris and Lamont Jordan today, as the weather may very well prevent both teams from throwing the ball.

3 Responses to Report: Crazy Weather in Buffalo

  1. Jack says:

    You couldn’t have been more spot on. The vortex wind is nuts there.


    F *** B E L I C H E K P A T R I O T S N O P L A Y O F F S

  3. EuropFanZon2 says:

    J AM PROUD TO BE PATRIOTS FAN!!! jets are stupid,they are always in the shadow of pats! Pats 4ever

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