Rumor: Vikings to Target Cassel

The Pioneer Press in Minnesota is reporting that it appears likely that the Vikings will pursue free agent quarterback Matt Cassel:

It’s looking more likely than ever that the quarterback the Vikings will target is the Patriots’ Matt Cassel, who could cost $30 million in guaranteed money as well as first- and second-round draft picks. The Vikings’ first-round pick is expected to be between Nos. 21 and 23 overall this spring.

This tells us a couple things.  First, it tells us that a market for Matt Cassel is forming.  $30 million guaranteed?  That more than twice as much as we’d be offering him with the franchise tag.

This also tells us a little about Cassel’s trade value.  If the Patriots franchised Cassel, then determined Brady was ready to go (health-wise), this shows that they could get a lot via trade.  Cassel is young, and has proven he can play at the pro level.


5 Responses to Rumor: Vikings to Target Cassel

  1. r1zzo23 says:

    I think Cassel will be traded no matter what. There’s not enough room under the cap for both Matt and Tom, and I don’t see us trading Tom no matter what the circumstance. The organization will not want to let Cassel go for nothing, so if we can get a 1st and a 2nd for him, then it’s a done deal.

  2. The fact that this is coming from Charley Walters (aka Shooter) gives it less than zero credibility. It’s just as likely that the Vikings have decided that they want nothing to do with Cassel, if Shooter is reporting this to be “more likely than ever.”

  3. florida ted says:

    I was wondering if the NFL Commish knew he had a direct impact on the playoffs???He move a game to a dome Buffalovs Miami..Let me see a cold weather team and a warm weather team playing inside who has the advantage???It would have made more sence to move Patriots-Buffalo game to dome stadium since both are cold weather teams..I was just wondering. Also I beleive that Miny is going to make a move on Cassel before draft..I think with their team on paper now that Matt will be the missing link…Also looking at the drafts (mock) I think Bill will draft drum roll another tight end Bill loves his tight ends and if he could I think he would have a whole team of them..does he have a fettish for them???

  4. CasselFan says:

    Matt Cassel just visited the guys at Five Four in Los Angeles and participated in their “Look Of The Week” as well as a quick Q&A. You can get more details about the visit by going to:

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