Staff Infection

The Patriots are dealing with a serious staff infection.  No, not the staph infections that have been plaguing much of the league.  The Patriots are dealing with a whole different staff infection, an infection that is causing a good chunk of their coaching and personnel staff to leave.

First, early in 2008, Thomas Dimitroff, former director of college scouting, left to become the General Manager of the Atlanta Falcons.  While this hiring didn’t seem like it would have too big an affect, it was a sign of things to come.

The triggered was pulled when highly touted offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels left to become the head coach of the Denver Broncos.

A day later, it was learned that two coaches, secondary/special assistant Dom Capers, and long time special teams coach Brady Seely would be leaving.

Then, things got worse.  Vice President of Football Operations, Scott Pioli, was hired by the Kansas City Chiefs earlier today.  Pioli helped shape the identity of a Patriots team that has won three Super Bowls and won seven division titles since 2001.  Pioli was an expert at scouting and building and will surely be missed.  The Patriots promoted Nick Caserio to take over for Pioli.

With a large chunk of the Patriots staff leaving, it is obvious that the Patriots will need to seriously re-tool their coaching staff this offseason.


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