Rodney Harrison is Awesome

Rodney Harrison has been a favorite of mine since the Patriots first signed him in 2003.  This year, he was playing like a maniac, until he suffered an ugly torn quadricep in the sixth game of the year.  Since then, he has been working his way into sports broadcasting, and has done a really nice job.  However, his finest moment came on today’s NBC Super Bowl pre-game show, as the analysts were making picks.

Unlike last year’s Super Bowl, this year’s Super Bowl will be won by the best team and that’s the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Since he’s moved into broadcasting, he’s anwered a lot of questions about David Tyree’s catch and what not, and it was nice to see the fan inside him come out a little bit.

Of course, while he’s been great on t.v., I’d rather see him back on the football field in 2009.


One Response to Rodney Harrison is Awesome

  1. Carl Parisien says:

    I think Rodney Harrison still has some game left in him. Would definately like to see him back next year. Thanks. Carl Parisien

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