Report: Cassel Accepts Franchise Tender

Some more big news on the Cassel front.  ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports:

Matt Cassel has accepted the New England Patriots’ non-exclusive franchise tender, guaranteeing the quarterback will receive at least $14.65 million next season, league sources told ESPN.

The next step is for the Patriots to send Cassel a contract. The Patriots could still trade Cassel.

Obviously, this means that Cassel can no longer negotiate contracts with other teams.  This is a good sign of loyalty, and it throws out the notion of the Pats getting two #1’s for Matt’s services.

This also means he is officially under contract.  This means he is on the roster and must attend mini-camps, workouts, etc.  In a lot of ways, I was surprised Cassel signed the contract so quickly, but at least he knows he’s about $15 million richer.


One Response to Report: Cassel Accepts Franchise Tender

  1. Carl Parisien says:

    you’ll see they’ll trade him in the comings weeks. They cant afford to keep him plus they’ll get some good rafts picks for him. Carl Parisien

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