Patriots Sign TBC, Listorti

Photo Courtesy

The Patriots have announced the signings of two players, outside linebacker Tully Banta-Cain and tight end Brad Listorti.

While many Patriots fans are probably surprised that the Patriots resigned TBC, I’m pretty happy.  During the 2004 Super Bowl run, he was a nice role player, and in ’06 he really made an impact as a spot starter, registering 5.5 sacks.  He’s strong, a good pass rusher, and a smart player.  While he struggles against the pass, I could see him making a comeback of sorts back in New England.

Banta-Cain’s signing may also mean the end of Rosevelt Colvin in New England.  While I’d rather have Colvin, if Banta-Cain takes #95, the Colvin era may once and for all be over.

The Patriots also signed tight end Brad Listorti.  Listorti was an undrafted free agent who was released by the Falcons in training camp.  He also had brief stints on the Jets’ practice squad.  Listorti can play h-back and fullback as well.  However, he is a longer shot to make the team.


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