Rumor: Fred Taylor to Patriots?

Finally something substantial.  Shalise Manza Young of the Providence Journal reports:

The Jacksonville Jaguars released all-time leading rusher Fred Taylor earlier this week in a salary-cap move, and it looks right now as if the veteran could be headed for the AFC East.

Both the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills are the top landing spots for Taylor, and he is expected to visit both teams this week.

Signing Taylor would be a big addition for the Patriots, despite what people are saying about his age and drop in productivity.  Taylor managed only 556 yards last season in 13 games.  However, he only saw the ball 143 times, and was in the process of getting moved out by Maurice Jones-Drew.

Taylor could come in immediately and fill Lamont Jordan’s role as a short yardage back (although I would still prefer to have Lamont back).  He can take some of the load off Maroney and Morris as well.  At this point in his career, Taylor may just want a ring, which could make the Patriots one of his top destinations.


One Response to Rumor: Fred Taylor to Patriots?

  1. Jean Carl Parisien says:

    Jean Carl Parisien says: well I think this just shows you the confidence the coaches have in Lawrence Maroney doesn’t it? To me the answer is very little. Bad draft choice.

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