Will Cassel Be Traded Tonight?

As you probably know, when the clock rings midnight tonight, it will officially mark the start of the new year.  It will also be the first time that teams can officially make trades.

And while the Patriots likely won’t be big spenders in free agency this year, the future of one player is certainly on the mind of all Patriots fans tonight.

And that player is Matt Cassel.

Many people believe that a Cassel trade is going to get done very quickly.  That a trade could be completed within an hour of the new league year.  I, for one, don’t believe this.  However, the interest in Cassel is certainly there, and the Patriots will certainly field all offers.

However, getting Cassel off the books would be a huge help for the Patriots.  It would net the Pats nearly $15 million in salary cap room, for a total of $17.85 million in cap room (that number may actually be $21.85, need to check that).

Regardless, something needs to be worked out with Cassel.  If we could get him a three year deal in the range of $35 milion with $20 – $25 guaranteed, then great.  He could be groomed as the successor to Tom Brady in two years, and I would be happy with that.  However, if we can’t work out an extension, a trade will be necessary.  Because the Patriots need flexibility in the cap and the only way to get that (again, barring a contract extension) will be through trade.

So I’ll be sitting by my computer coffee in hand, waiting for any news to break through about 1 A.M., so stay tuned.


3 Responses to Will Cassel Be Traded Tonight?

  1. r1zzo23 says:

    This was put on Cassel’s Wikipedia page today. Take it for what it’s worth…

    BREAKING NEWS : Tampa Bay TV Station FOX 13 is reporting BUCS are finalizing contract extention talks with MATT CASSEL . BUCS and PATS have agreed on DEAL pending CASSEL CONTRACT SIGNING ( 4 years -29.5 million plus performance incentives ) . Buc ‘s official confirms deal is for Buc’s 2009 1st round selection ( 19th overall ) and 2010 conditional 2nd rounder.

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Mc says:

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