Free Agent Frenzy

A lot of things happened since I went to bed last night at three A.M. and woke up this morning.  A lot of things.  Since I’m short on time, I’ll quickly go through them:

  • Looks like Fred Taylor is official, Adam Schefter confirmed it.  Taylor will head back to Gillette Stadium later today to finalize things.
  • Jabar Gaffney, according to, will visit the Denver Broncos.  If he signs there, the Patriots will be in serious need of receiver help.  Serious need.
  • Pat Kirwan, speaking on Sirius NFL Radio, has been informed that the Patriots are Julius Peppers’ unnamed AFC team on his wishlist, and that the Patriots will heavily pursue a trade for him.
  • The Patriots will host Leigh Bodden on a free agent visit today.  Bodden, at 6-1, would come in and start immediately.  He had a down year in Detroit, but who didn’t?  A year before, in Crennel’s system in Cleveland, Bodden thrived.   Best of all, he’s only 28.
  • And how about that 7 year, $100 million contract signed by Albert Haynesworth?  It’s rediculous, $41 million guaranteed.  I just can’t imagine any one player being worth that much in football.  It’s football.  Not the NBA, not MLB.  Football.

4 Responses to Free Agent Frenzy

  1. r1zzo23 says:

    Fred Taylor is a yet another good pick up by the New England Patriots. Leigh Bodden would be another huge addition if we can make that happen. Julius Peppers, as we touched upon earlier, could be more of a luxury addition more than a necessity. Also, his price tag could be a bit much for our situation.

    • Greg says:

      Yeah, Peppers, IMO, is impossible anyways until something is done with Cassel’s contract. And I would only take him in a “you think you can play outside backer, then prove it” kind of deal. It would have to be backloaded, with plenty of incentives of course.

      But the bigger problem brewing might actually be the future of the wide receiver position. Do you want Aiken, Slater, or Ventrone lining up opposite Moss come September?

      • r1zzo23 says:

        Ya, we need to settle the whole Cassel situation before making any move. As for the WRs, we desperately need to grab someone that can play right away. Welker and Moss are great, but we still need at least one more WR that can actually play for a championship caliber team.

  2. kyle4beantown says:

    They can explore a Cassel for Peppers trade deal, as both are franchised. New tenders would need to be issued for both players..

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