Patriots Looking at Springs, Greer

With more than $20 million in cap space, the Patriots are looking to get defensive.

Today, the Patriots will host free agent cornerback Shawn Springs at Gillette Stadium.  Springs is 33, and was just released by the Washington Redskins.  At 6′, 207 lbs, he is a more physical cover corner with great instincts and ball skills, all things that the Patriots covet.  However, he is 33, so straight line speed and asking price will both be issues with Springs.

The Patriots are also looking at Jabari Greer, the Boston Herald reports.  Greer is very solid, starting for Buffalo the last two seasons.  He is fast, instinctive, and could fit easily into the Patriots’ zone schemes.  However, Greer, at just 27, will have a very high asking price.

While both of these players would be solid additions, my pick would be Leigh Bodden.  He already is familiar with the Patriots defense through Romeo Crennel in Cleveland, he is a natural ball hawk, is young, and his asking price won’t be as high as Greer.  However, Bodden left Foxborough on Friday without a contract.  Although he stated they will keep conversations open.


One Response to Patriots Looking at Springs, Greer

  1. r1zzo23 says:

    If we could snag two of those three, that would be huge.

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