Patriots Looking At Ramsey, Carr, Galloway, Others

The Patriots are continuing to bring in a flurry of free agents for visits to Gillette Stadium  The most recent?  Joey Galloway, Patrick Ramsey, Chris Carr, Mike Adams, and Scott Young.

Joey Galloway, 37, has been known as a big play receiver his whole career.  However, last year, Galloway took a step back for the first time in years, playing in just nine games, and making just 13 receptions.  However, if he can return to even his 2007 form, Galloway would be an excellent replacement to Jabar Gaffney on the outside.  But if the Patriots are looking for an over-the-hill receiver to complement Moss and Welker on the outside, don’t be surprised if they take a look at Marvin Harrison.  Harrison, 36, still played in 15 games last season, and would make a nice reliable target for Tom Brady.

Apparently, the Patriots are also looking at bringing in a backup quarterback.  Yesterday, the Patriots hosted veteran quarterback Patrick Ramsey on a free agent visit.  If you might remember, the Redskins, who drafted Ramsey with the 32nd pick, acquired that pick in a trade from us (we moved up to select Daniel Graham).  Ramsey, however, would make a decent backup.  Still, I don’t really think he has the size or arm or even the big time experience the Patriots like from their veteran backups.  I’m not saying he wouldn’t be servicable, he would.  But I feel like going after someone more experienced (Charlie Batch) or with a stronger arm (Byron Leftwich) might be a better idea for the team.

The Patriots have also brought in a pair of defensive backs to Gillette.  The first, safety Mike Adams.  Adams was with the Browns in 2008, and had a good season, registering 44 tackles and two interceptions.  He also had an excellent season with the 49ers a few years back.  However, at 5-11, 195 pounds, he doesn’t really have the size to play strong safety for the Patriots, so I’d look for him to be more of a rotational guy at free safety if we sign him.

The second defensive back the Pats hosted was Titans cornerback Chris Carr.  Carr is a guy I like.  At 25, he still has room to grow.  He is an excellent special teams player (can returns both punts and kicks), is fit for the zone, and is fast.  He’s also never missed a game in his four year career.

Lastly, the Patriots also hosted free agent center/guard Scott Young.  Young has some limited experience, but has worked his entire career as a backup.  Still, with his ability to play multiple positions on the line, he looks to be worth taking a look at.


One Response to Patriots Looking At Ramsey, Carr, Galloway, Others

  1. Mr. Patriot says:

    Seems like a bunch of scrubs or wash-ups to me. Give me Bodden, Leftwich, and Jason Taylor please. 😀

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